19 funny posts from college students struggling with online school.


College students have always gone to class hungover and in their pajamas, but now, with the coronavirus pandemic closing campuses, they’re “attending” lectures in their bedrooms.

The new semester of “Zoom University” has begun, and young scholars are adapting to the e-learning life as best as they can. While they may or may not be on mute during class, they’re making their voices heard on Twitter.

1. The student who had WiFi issues during a quiz.

2. The student who outed herself as a total Karen.

3. The student who accidentally submitted a Selena Gomez/KPop video.

4. The student with the itchy scalp.

5. The student who got Rick Rolled by a classmate.

6. The student who got an emaill in Wingdings.

what the fuck did my teacher just email me pic.twitter.com/MjKLYdQL36

— ★ ? casey | roach revolution (@duckfloaty) August 27, 2020

7. The student whose proffessor is sloooooooow.

BROOOOOOOOO ? the way my professor was lagging by 5 whole minutes today… embarrassing pic.twitter.com/13Qk9MVl3G

— steranda (@sterandda) August 26, 2020

8. The student who called their teacher “bestie.”

9. The student who asked a question.

I asked a question and my teacher told me drop the class pic.twitter.com/ihFpzzSQ6b

— BornFrontoDieGrabba (@throwawaypt2) September 2, 2020

10. The student who might be getting hazed by their professor.

11. The student submitted an unfinished quiz.

12. The student with a 7 AM class.

No one:

Me during 7 am class: pic.twitter.com/59FAkXzktW

— Alias at Salome *not ready for college* (@SaiahGabTorres) August 31, 2020

13. The student who roasted everywhere.

14. The student who introduced themselves on mute.

introducing myself to a zoom class on mute the whole time 🙂 pic.twitter.com/NXG1L9UHwN

— kyleigh davis (@KyleighMDavis) August 27, 2020

15. The student who unmuted at the worst time.

16. The student with a roommate who’s a dancer.

College in 2020 pic.twitter.com/ECrhMBk0Cv

— Nicklaus (@klaussnell) August 31, 2020

17. The student who treated her math class to Johnny Knoxville.

I accidentally just shared my screen to my whole math class on zoom while I was editing this,, im going to fucnking end it pic.twitter.com/jK4MTFNLF4

— danny? (@Thomassratdog) August 31, 2020

18. The student who was asked to follow a dress code.

19. The student going to class from the dentist’s chair.

Zoom university things… pic.twitter.com/a6ef8JZP5j

— Brooke Kloesel (@brooke_marleen) September 1, 2020