Distance Learning Tips: from a Mom whose also a Teacher

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When we were distance learning last spring, it was new, and we all thought it was temporary (at least I did) so everyone was just trying to keep their heads above water. I let the boys have class in bed most days, wearing jammies. Distance learning for us was pretty ugly and super inefficient, but honestly, nobody knew what end was up. Fast forward 6 months… We’ve had enough time to settle in to this and the kids need structure now more than ever. So let’s do this, and make it as best as we can!

Here is what we are doing during distance learning:

  • Keep a morning routine as if you were about to run out the door to school: Get dressed/ eat breakfast/ brush teeth/ and make our beds every single day.
  • We will pack our snacks and lunch ahead of time and keep them in our lunch boxes. The kitchen is not a diner, and I am sick of being a short order cook. We even went as far as to put a lock on the pantry door to keep those maniacs out.  
Distance Learning
Our new lunch boxes

Learning Environment

  • Set up a quiet, well lit location with minimal distraction for distance learning. This does not have to be gorgeous. It needs to be functional and it needs to be as separate as possible from bedrooms, and “fun areas” to keep the focus on school as well to create a gentle boundary between school and home. 
Welcome to our classroom

Distance Learning Must Haves:

  • While on their devices, the boys will wear blue blocking glasses, and head phones during instruction. As well, during I purchased dividers to keep distractions at a minimum during instruction. 
Boldly Betsy
Blue Blocking Glasses
Distance Learning
Privacy Boards
Chrome Book
Boldly Betsy
Storage Bins

Distance Learning tips to keep the kiddos mental and physical game strong.

  • Make your behavior expectations clear and consistent. If necessary, you can make a list of non-negotiables during school time. For instance, making sure they use the restroom before instruction starts, and making it clear there is no eating during class. It seems like every damn time we need to be on an important call the kids are suddenly starving or have to pee. 
  • With all that said,  remember most of these kids have been playing Fortnite all summer so it’s going to take a minute for them to buy in to the fact that it’s time to get serious. 
  • Have a daily schedule written out everyday. Children crave routine and structure. Go over the routine each morning or the night before. This helps let the kiddos know what’s to come next. This schedule will provide the kiddos with some certainty and normalcy in their day, which in turn, can help ease their anxiety. 

Take care of yourself mama!

Distance Learning
Every mom needs Ketones!!!

Keeping the House looking like one!

  • Lastly, I am super OCD and my house has enough of the kid’s shit everywhere. Clean it up! Put it away! Have the kiddos put any books/ binders away int heir backpacks, and I am using this dresser by our front door to put everything else in so I do not have to look at it when they aren’t in “school.” I promise you, looking at their stuff 24/7 is going to stress all of you out!
Boldly Betsy

Ok mamas! I hope this helps!

You have got this! It will not be easy, and there will be tears, but this too shall pass and we will all come out stronger!

Be Bold! xo


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