‘Diversity’ and ‘Inclusion’ Come Back to Bite Minnesota University

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Tnuza Jamal Hassan pleaded guilty Wednesday to federal terrorism charges. She pleaded guilty to one charge of attempting to provide material support for terrorists. Tnuza also faces six arson charges for setting fires in six buildings in an effort to burn them. Hassan admitted that she did that to burn the buildings and to inflict pain on others.

She set the fires at St. Catherine University in St. Paul in 2018, but just finally came up for trial. The school says it is proud of their diversity but how proud are they of her? It is not like they had no warning. She often urged others to join her in jihad.

In September of 2017, Hassan bought a ticket from the twin cities to Dubai and one from Dubai to Kabul, Afghanistan with the intent of joining Al Qaeda. Hassan then left her family home and moved into a dorm room at St. Catherine University without permission. That was when she set the six fires.

From The Star Tribune

U.S. District Judge Patrick Schiltz scheduled Hassan’s sentencing for Dec. 17. Her charges carry a possible 20-year maximum federal prison sentence and lifetime supervised release.

Hassan was deemed competent to stand trial earlier this year. At a December 2019 hearing, a forensic psychologist told the court that she upgraded Hassan’s diagnosis from schizophrenia to a “mood disorder with a psychotic component” after earlier symptoms disappeared under medical observation and despite Hassan declining medication.

In all likelihood, the leftist professors at the college teach Muslims don’t act but instead react. But there is no proof that anyone treated her poorly. She wrote a letter to her roommates that had a lot of radical ideas including bringing back the caliphate that President Trump destroyed. Her actions should come as no surprise to anyone.

College professors often teach that Muslims only commit terrorist acts because everyone hates them I believe everyone hates the ones who commit terrorist acts. It’s as simple as that. It’s a shame that an entire religion is blamed for the acts of a single faction or factions.

Remember when Barack Obama took the side of the radicals in Egypt? He adopted the Muslim Brotherhood even as huge crowds gathered against them? You can expect the same with Joe Biden. He has already said he wants to kiss and make up with the Iran regime. Isn’t there a Democrat somewhere that is willing to side with Americans? I don’t see any.

It could be worse this time around with The Squad calling the shots. They never hardly met a terrorist they didn’t love in my opinion. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar especially. No wonder they love the rioters so much in my opinion. And you can’t blame on the United States since Muslims have been in a steady state of war since it’s inception. The United States did not truly exist until 1789 with the ratification of the constitution.

From PJ Media

Thus the onus is all on the infidels, and it is their responsibility, not the Muslim community’s or anyone else’s, to stop jihad terror attacks from occurring. If jihad attacks happen anyway, it is because they were not “welcoming” and “diverse” enough. Thus the puzzlement of the St. Kate students: their campus is so diverse, it should have been jihad-proof!

The idea that Muslims might stage jihad massacres for reasons of their own, stemming from Islamic texts and teachings — why, even to entertain that as a possibility would be “Islamophobic.” On campuses today, that possibility cannot even be considered, and you’re a racist, bigoted hatemonger even for thinking it. Don’t you realize, at this late date, that everything, everything, is the fault of the United States and the world’s worst people, white Americans? Look what they made that poor lamb, Tnuza Jamal Hassan, do!

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