Jim Jordan Pleas for College Football and America Roars Back About His Priorities

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The Big 10 simply announced that it is canceling the 2020-21 college football season and it looks like the Pac 12 may do the same before the end of the day.

It is definitely sad, nobody desires college football canceled. The pomp and pageantry of college football is special in the American cultural landscape and it will be a lot missed. A lot of people recognize that there is merely no way to go forward with a venture that will put unsettled trainees’ health at risk, as well as lose millions when those stadiums aren’t complete. The pro leagues have enough cash on the line in TV contracts to develop some sort of expert bubble, and they pay grown men to put their health at danger. College sports are … played by kids.

It was fascinating to see who safeguarded what when the announcement came out. It wasn’t extremely surprising to see Jim Jordan, the Republican congressman accused of looking the other method when college professional athletes were sexually abused by a team physician, take a strong stand on behalf of … the fans:

America requires college football.

— Rep. Jim Jordan (@Jim_Jordan) August 10, 2020

Yes. That is definitely “On-Brand.” Jordan isn’t especially fretted about the difficulty of keeping the trainee professional athletes healthy and safe. To the extent we “need” college football, it would have been excellent to have actually made that choice last April. We might have kept everybody protected and marked down the disease. A strategy could’ve been made. Rather, Trump ordered everything “liberated” and we’re worse off today than we were in April, by far.

Jordan heard back from furious Americans, a lot of them likely simply as harmed by the announcement, however having much better perspective:

Surprised to see Jim Jordan overlook the wellness of college professional athletes https://t.co/g4njIR8kBc

— Jamison Foser (@jamisonfoser) August 10, 2020

We might have had college football if Trump and his enablers like Jim Jordan had in fact attempted to combat the infection. This is on them. https://t.co/uqPOQz7i0k

— Josh Schwerin (@JoshSchwerin) August 10, 2020

America needs Jim Jordan in jail for making it possible for sexual abuse on the wrestling group at Ohio State https://t.co/6db9Yd7PpH

— Icculus The Brave (@FirenzeMike) August 10, 2020

Health club, I think we grew issues … pic.twitter.com/03FrAIqvob

— Charles T. Barreca (@chuckbarr21) August 10, 2020

stunning that Jim Jordan does not care about the well-being of college professional athletes

it’s practically as if he stood by idly while many college wrestlers were abused by their team doctor and his weirdo good friends https://t.co/cIjsmLZp0w

— David Bixenspan (@davidbix) August 10, 2020

Looking for anothers scandal @Jim_Jordan how are going to cover the next one up? https://t.co/kKiwN2VNgX

— jigillis (@allevilneedsis) August 10, 2020

America needs an operating president rather of the moron @realDonaldTrump in the WH now. If he had not fcked up the pandemic reaction, you ‘d have college football @Jim_Jordan https://t.co/aKDNYeKKJS

— Cent (@CzechPenny) August 10, 2020

Might wish to sit this one out, champ.

— Dave Zirin (@EdgeofSports) August 10, 2020

“Gym” Jordan– America needs you to come clean about what you learnt about the sexual abuse of wrestlers at the Ohio State University.

— Jennifer Shultz (@ 11Shultz) August 10, 2020

Yeah. We are all going to miss college football, extremely. But we also know that we desire it to come back eventually, and it will not, unless some grownups step in and battle control of the situation.


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