Wisconsin University Disinvites VP Pence From Delivering Beginning Speech ⋆ The Political Cowboy

What's Happening

Wisconsin Lutheran College in Milwaukee has actually decided to disinvite Vice President Mike Pence from making a start speech, an action which might have been influenced by a letter from both previous alumni and current trainees.

The factor? According to the school, it is because of the “escalating occasions” happening in Kenosha, which lies an hour away from the college.

through Daily Wire:

After further review with cautious factor to consider of the escalating events in Kenosha, the WLC Board of Regents and the College’s Administration have actually collectively chosen to provide a different speaker rather of the Vice President of the United States, Michael R. Pence, at the Saturday, August 29, 2020, beginning.

Pence spokesman Devin O’Malley, responding to the statement, informed CNN, “Vice President Pence understands and supports Wisconsin Lutheran College’s decision to focus on the safety and wellness of their students, and wants the students well as they commemorate the achievement of finishing from college and as they start their next journey.”

Instead of Pence, Rev. Mark Jeske of St. Marcus Lutheran Church in Milwaukee will provide the address.Here’s a little

sample of the letter from alumni and present students:

We renounce the decision to invite Vice President Pence to speak at the Class of 2020 Start on Saturday, August 29, 2020. We are concerned about the college’s blatantly unsuitable choice to invite the vice president to speak for this monumental event for the Class of 2020. Not just is the invite rude, however likewise the remarks supplied by the college stop working to acknowledge the truth of the choice.

WLC has insisted that this occasion, “is not in any way suggested to be deemed a political event, as it can not be, and is not a political declaration.” They declare the choice was apolitical. Nevertheless, the mere invite of a Vice President of an exceptionally divisive and questionable ticket to speak in a swing state months prior to an election is ignorant and deceptive. Speaking to young people months prior to an election is a political move and not one that WLC can choose is apolitical.

Applauding Vice President Pence for his advocacy, “for the flexibility of religious expression so that ministries like our churches and Wisconsin Lutheran College can grow within a pluralistic society,” is bothersome. This administration has been divisive and degrading. As a governor and now as the vice president, Mike Pence has stopped working to promote policies that reflect Christian values. The WLC administration ought to recognize, rather of ignoring, his troublesome policies. WLC can not and must not prosper from putting love on hold. Love needs to constantly come. We welcome you to rethink your priorities.At completion of the day, this is most certainly a political decision. Individuals with political programs put pressure on this school and shamed them into choosing to disinvite the vice president as a method of capitulating to political correctness.

It’s ridiculous how even our spiritual organizations are proving to lack a backbone in standing up for fact against the lies of folks who desire to ruin the really flexibility to worship they love.