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I recently discovered that reed.co.uk has a whole section dedicated to online courses, many of which include accredited certificates, many of which are UNDER 20 QUID. I couldn’t actually believe it, I always had it in my head that any online course I’d be remotely interested in would be at least £200. But thankfully, I was dead wrong!

So, in light of this new discovery, I’ve put together this list of 10 online courses to boost your CV for under £20. Also FYI – a lot of these discounts on reed.co.uk end on June 30th, so hurry if you want to buy a course!

Each of these courses could help guide you towards either building a profitable side hustle, adding a shiny new skill to your CV, or even just giving you something new to talk about! (Don’t pretend lockdown hasn’t made you more boring.)

For each course listed, I’ve linked a relevant book just below the images that you could order just to learn a bit more about the topic first, to see if it’s something you’d be interested in doing a whole course in!

1. Interior Design Course

Course on reed.co.uk: Interior Design and Home Styling – CPD Certified = £10

It doesn’t necessarily have to be linked to your profession to benefit you. Often employers are keen to find out more about you and your interests, and what better way than adding a course to your CV?

You could also learn loads of new techniques that you can apply every time you move home, or just fancy giving your current place a makeover. Or, you could create a blog or Instagram account dedicated to your home ideas, and take photos of your renovation journey, using the skills you’ve learned. I write about interiors on here, and even though I haven’t touched on this topic in a while, (oh my god it’s been 3 years – how embarrassing!!) my blog posts still receive a lot of traffic, and there’s clearly an interest for this type of content!

2. Diet and Nutrition Course

Course on reed.co.uk: Diet and Nutrition Advanced Diploma Level 5 = £10

I bought this course myself, as I think it could be a really interesting one to study on the side. I know nothing about nutrition, and as I’m getting older I feel like it might be a good idea to educate myself a bit.

This one’s also a great thing for me personally to be able to add to my CV, incase I work on any more food PR campaigns in the future, as I’ll be able to bring an advanced understanding of nutrition to help me write thought leadership pieces and other interesting content that our clients will be impressed by.

3. Blogging Course

Course on reed.co.uk: Fashion and Lifestyle Blogging – CPD Certified = £10

• Lifetime access – No time limits – Study at your own pace
• Internationally-recognized CPD accredited course
• Start learning straightaway from any laptop or mobile device in any country
• Immediate certificate download when you complete the course

4. Life Coaching Course

Course on reed.co.uk: Life Coaching Advanced Level 7 Diploma Endorsed by ABC Awards = £10

Might seem like a bit of a random one BUT some of the modules actually look really interesting. Also – imagine playing two truths and a lie at a party and being able to say “I’m actually technically an accredited life coach.” as one of your truths… thank me later.

5. NLP: The Psychology of Success

Course on reed.co.uk: NLP: The Psychology of Success – CPD Certified = £10

I am actually studying this course at the moment, and it’s so good! It’s only 30 hours as well, so can easily be completed in a few weeks. It’s a nice one to start off with as it is so short and gets you back into the swing of learning again.

6. Business Course

Course on reed.co.uk: Business Management (Level 7) Endorsed Certificate by ABC Awards = £10 inc VAT (was £1,050)

Adding a qualification in business to your CV is a fantastic way to show employers that you take yourself and your career seriously, and are keen to learn more. You can also pick up skills that you can apply to future projects or side hustles of your own.

7. Social Media Marketing Course

Course on reed.co.uk: Social Media Marketing Level 4 Endorsed by ABC Awards = £10

Lots of people make a generous side income from managing brands’ social media accounts, and if you teach yourself about social media trends and how to go above and beyond, you could land yourself an extra £500 (if not more) a month for a few hours work a week. By having a qualification, companies will be able to take you seriously as you’ll know all the lingo and actually be able to create a sick content plan.

8. Creative Writing Course

Starter book idea: WRITING MAGIC: Creating Stories that Fly = £5.99 (Paperback)

Course on reed.co.uk: Creative Writing Level 6 Diploma = £10

Even if it’s not for directly professional reasons, developing your writing skills can be hugely beneficial! Not just at work, but creative writing can also form a healthy new hobby that’s scientifically proven to not only improve memory but also benefits your overall mood!

9. Language Course

Course on reed.co.uk: British Sign Language Level 1 Course = £12

There are loads of language options on reed.co.uk, including French, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese or sign language! Adding another language to your CV makes you immediately stand out, even if you include the fact that you’re learning a language and hope to become fluent.

10. Digital Marketing Course

Starter book idea: Digital Marketing = £48.99 (Paperback)

Again, hugely discounted and extremely useful to have on your CV! Some of the skills can be applied to a number of different areas of your work life, and you can even take these skills and teach them to other members of the team to bring something else to your role.

I hope you found this post useful, as I really enjoyed writing it! If you have any questions about any of the above, feel free to comment below or email me on: polly.snell@hotmail.com

Or additionally, please let me know if you decide to sign up to any of the courses on reed.co.uk, or elsewhere. I’d love to hear which one you’ve chosen and why.

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