11-Y.O. Nigerian Boy Gets Scholarship From New York City Dance School After Inspiring Rain Ballet Performance Goes Viral


The 11-year-old Nigerian ballet dancer whose dance in the rain went viral and inspired millions previously this summer season has been granted a scholarship to the American Ballet Theater in New York City.

This just made my day!Go Nigeria??

“The video of Madu Mmesoma Anthony, 11, reveals him making stylish ballet moves barefoot on rough pavement amidst a downpour. He’s been used a scholarship from the American Ballet Theatre.”

“Skill is Universal, Opportunity is not” pic.twitter.com/TaAtKvLZby!.?.!— Tsion Firew, MD, MPH(@DrTsion

)August 11, 2020 In case you have not seen it, the video admired by social networks users and

influential dance specialists– and Academy Award winner Viola Davis– reveals Anthony Mmesoma Madu carrying out abundant pirouettes and arabesques barefoot beyond his dance school in Lagos to the sound of falling rain. Advises me of the appeal of my individuals. We create, soar, can think of, have let loose passion, and love … in spite of the brutal

challenges that have actually been put in front of us! Our individuals can fly!!! pic.twitter.com/LNyWD2ZoU0!.?.!— Viola Davis( @violadavis)June 24, 2020 Cynthia Harvey, creative director of the ABT Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School of Dance, likewise saw the video.”A pal who lives in the UK sent me the video,”she told the Cincinnati Enquirer

.”Within a day, I was searching for him.”< img src="https://tanksgoodnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Screen-Shot-2020-08-12-at-11.28.48-AM-818x1024.png" alt =""> through Instagram/ @leapofdanceacademy “Here, we’re grumbling about not

Academy Award
having the ability to open our structures,”stated Harvey.”But in that video, I saw a boy who was a best example of the tenacity someone can have when they have love and a dream. It was instantly obvious just how much determination he had.”Moved by Anthony’s passion, Harvey arranged for the pre-teen to go to ABT’s three-week Young Dancer

Summer Workshop on a complete scholarship. She also helped Anthony’s family safe and secure web gain access to so he could attend this year’s virtual intensive remotely. Next year, Anthony will train in individual on a scholarship from Ballet Beyond Borders. White benefit is not being promoted bc you’re a much better dancer White advantage is the capability to practice in a room, with a flooring, out of the

rain, in front of individuals who may see your unbelievable skill and assist you

https://t.co/N3TupEaXKu!.?.!— Megan Rosati(@meganrosati)June 25, 2020″Ballet is my life. When I am dancing, I feel as if I am on cloud nine,”Anthony informed Reuters. As a dance school in Africa, and Nigeria to be accurate our academy stands to educate our audience that ballet is here to remain;”It’s for both young boys and women”stated Anthony Mmmesoma Madu.(When ballet was created 400 years earlier, it was created for men. Men were the very first dancers. a @collagedance) Unique shoutout to all moms and dads who have enabled their kids to dance. Speaking from the Nigerian perspective most children are registered in school to have a white collar job however never ever to become a dancer. We hope encouraging and inspirational mommy like Anthony’s mama has actually offered us a factor for early child skill discovery. We are the Nigerian ballet school. A genuine thank you to our partners @blacksinballet @ingridsilva @jmentzos @fabiocmariano @m. s.t _ dance_center @ruangaldino @travelingtutusinc @fernandomontan0 @thalemawilliamsstudiosusvi @grishkoworld @nikolayworld @bbcnews @graceekpu @balletnoire @abtschool @hurkmanslinda @katwildish #boys #blackboydancetoo #boyswillbeboys ## boyscan #blackboysrock #blackdancers #goboy #dancer #blacklivesmatter #qualityaboveall #nigerianballetschool #nigeria #leapofdanceacademy #vocationaltraining #boys #dancingintherain #viralvideo #vocationalballetschool #goon #bbc #bbcafrica #bbcnews # 2020

< p style="color: #c 9c8cd; font-family: Arial,sans-serif; font-size:14 px; line-height:17 px; margin-bottom:0; margin-top:8 px; overflow: concealed; padding:8 px 0 7px; text-align: center; text-overflow: ellipsis; white-space: nowrap;"> A post shared by Leap of Dance Academy(@leapofdanceacademy)on Aug 5, 2020 at 3:04 pm PDT Anthony’s moms and dads prepared for their child to become a priest, but they are pleased with his achievements as a dancer and support his dreams.

In discussion with the BBC, his mother Ifeoma Madu prompted parents to be encouraging of their talented children. Viewing Anthony dance brings her “joy,” she stated.

Because the video of Nigerian ballet dancer Anthony Mmesoma Madu dancing in the rain went viral, this dance academy has gotten international attention. https://t.co/rBzmqKlnd9 pic.twitter.com/dBVN4ghDTP!.?.!— Style Runway(@VogueRunway)August 6, 2020 Given that the video went viral, Anthony’s dance studio in Lagos, Leap of

Dance Academy, has actually gotten support and donations from all around the world. Leap of Dance Academy was founded by 29-year-old Daniel Ajala Owoseni in 2017 where

he teaches his 12 students totally free of charge and without correct resources.< img src= "https://tanksgoodnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Screen-Shot-2020-08-12-at-11.29.21-AM-1024x974.png"alt=""> via Instagram/ @leapofdanceacademy Not able to manage class in his youth, Owoseni is a self-taught ballet dancer who started practicing along with Youtube videos at 13.”I saw the requirement to bring a kind of

art that reveals discipline, dedication, and commitment,”he told Reuters. “Students who have the ability to discover all of these can … transfer

(them) into other spheres of their lives.”Owoseni says he will use the donation cash to further promote ballet in Nigeria where the art is not yet widely practiced.”People state that you can never do ballet the method it is done abroad

since ballet is not an African dance, but for me it’s about making the art type our own,”he informed Style. Here’s how you can help: Here’s

how you can support their Nonprofit Academy’s efforts. pic.twitter.com/6ij7lszyjp!.?.!— Black With No Chaser (@BlackNoChaser)June 26, 2020 The post 11-Y.O. Nigerian Boy Gets Scholarship From New York City Dance School After Inspiring

Rain Ballet Efficiency Goes Viral