6 Atlanta police officers charged after video caught arrest of 2 university student – CBS News

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6 Atlanta law enforcement officer have been charged for attacking two college students who were trying to leave a demonstration Saturday. 2 of the officers included have currently been fired from the department.Messiah Young, 22, and Teniyah Pilgrim, 20, were leaving a George Floyd demonstration at Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park after the city’s 9 p.m. curfew went into effect CBS affiliate WGCL reported. Video of the event reveals an officer inform Young, who was driving the cars and truck, to keep moving but then the officer unlocks and attempts to pull Young out of the cars and truck. Young manages to drive off however is stopped down the road by traffic. Officers then swarm the car.One officer opens the passenger-side door as

another attempts to break the driver-side window. The officer on the traveler side then uses his Taser on Pilgrim, who might be heard yelling throughout the encounter. Young can also be seen being tased prior to officers pull him from the automobile. Young likewise said he was punched a minimum of 10 times while he was being suppressed on the pavement. The whole incident was filmed live by WGCL.At one point, officers can be heard stating Young had a weapon, but none was ever recuperated. Pilgrim was held for several hours however never charged. Young was at first charged with getting away the scene and driving with an ended license, but the mayor later on bought those charges to be dropped, WGCL reports.Lonnie Hood faces two counts of aggravated assault for using his Taser and one count of simple battery. Willie Sauls faces one count

of exacerbated attack for pointing his Taser and one count of criminal damage to home for damaging the automobile. Ivory Streeter likewise deals with one count of exacerbated assault for the user of a Taser and one count of pointing or aiming a gun. Mark Gardner has actually been charged with aggravated assault for utilizing his Taser also. Armond Jones has actually been charged with one count of intensified battery and one count of pointing or intending a gun. Roland Claud was the only officer to not be charged with attack or battery however deals with one count of criminal damage to property for harming the car.The charges were revealed Tuesday at a press conference by Fulton County District Attorney Paul L. Howard, Jr. Streeter and Gardner were both fired Sunday. The Fulton County District Attorneys workplace is expected

to reveal charges against officers involved in using a stun gun versus a couple throughout a protest.Posted by “These are heros,”Atlanta Police

Chief Erika Shields said at a Sunday press conference. “I know them as people. I have actually dealt with the one for over 20 years. However they made that level of mistake that can not be rolled

back.”Howard stated Tuesday this is the 3rd time ever that the DA’s workplace has actually brought charges for policeman prior to they were indicted. He likewise noted that Young and Pilgrim were “very innocent. “”Unfortunately, we have been here many, lots of times before, where officers are arrested,”said Young’s attorney, Mawuli Davis. “Therefore we are prayerful, hopeful that this will go to its complete conclusion. And these officers will not just be jailed, indicted and founded guilty. Since what they did to our children, and these are our community children, they have actually to be held responsible for.”Pilgrim on Tuesday stated she is “so happy that they’re being held responsible for their actions.”” I hope every cops officer who thinks it’s OK to drag somebody, beat someone, do all this things because they’re polices, I hope they’re all going to be held liable as

well,”she added.Young said he feels” a little safer now that these monsters are off of the streets and no

longer able to terrorize anybody else from this point on.” He likewise worried the requirement to make sure there”actually is modification progressing in the culture of policing.”