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With the emergence of the Internet, online shopping has become a new way for people to purchase things they want. Hence, more and more people are trying to turn their hobbies into successful online businesses. E-commerce has been a well-known business for a long time, and it will continue to be a popular way to make money in the future, so is the year 2022. 

However, people will confront multiple difficulties. For example, they may not have a brilliant business idea, they might not get a suitable product to sell, they would apply the wrong marketing strategies, or they didn’t choose the right tool to start.  All these factors will result in their failure in the journey of their online businesses.

Thus, here I collect 5 top Shopify tools you can try out to start e-commerce in 2022. Read carefully and get to know what they can provide for you.

The Top 5 Tools for You to Drive More Sales

Although e-commerce is easy to start and profitable, without correct tools, you might make mistakes and waste a lot of time when your business starts. Let’s check out the 5 best Shopify tools together.

DSers – AliExpress Dropshipping Tools

When planning to start an business, you cannot ignore the benefits of its official partner-DSers.

What can bring to you are:

Apart from the above features, also provides features like store management and order tracking. To learn all the features, here.

MailChimp – Email Marketing

When marketing your products, you could not ignore email marketing tactics. By sending emails to your customers from time to time, you can increase your brand awareness among them. 

In addition, delivering products deals through email can make you reach your potential customers and get more sales. Thus, the tool MailChimp is a great option for your online store.

 MailChimp allows you to build social media ads, landing pages, and email campaigns. In a nutshell, tools on  MailChimp enable you to make readable content that your users want to read and convert content. 

PageFly – Page Designs

The PageFly tool is for your page design. It’s designed to provide support for your online store page design. It offers you different page types, such as blogs, landing pages, home pages, etc. There is a page element library helping you extract more than 50 designs.

Worth mentioning here is PageFly will sync pages for mobile websites automatically. Thus, using this Shopify plugin will improve the experience of your customers.

Loox – Reviews and Referrals 

Reviews and referrals are vital for your online store since they can help you convert sales. When your potential customers visit your sites, they would like to read the reviews and referrals on your site. According to this information, they would know better about your products. Then, there is a possibility for them to make a purchase.

Loox provides the most sophisticated way to utilize user reviews in your online store. You can share these comments in the form of store social media posts, blogs, pop-ups, etc. 

Printful – Print-on-Demand 

The last tool I would like to mention is Printful. It’s a useful tool for you to sell what you like especially when you want to start a print-on-demand business. It’s an app making you design and sell custom products online with a print-on-demand dropshipping business. 

Working with it allows you to customize your products and sell them with your brand name. Therefore, it’s an excellent way to build your brand. In addition, with Printful, you can sign up for free and start your selling without inventory. Hence, if you want to get into this filed, Printful is a good option for you.

Bottom Line

No matter what you plan to sell online and how you want to sell. You need to get your business idea and find an online selling site that fits your needs. If you don’t have one, you can go to find out selling platforms.  Here I recommend Shopify since it provides you with plenty of tools.

Once you have an online store, read the post to learn these Shopify tools and get started easily with these tools.

At last, I have to say, AliExpress dropshipping is worth trying. Hence, in 2022, why not start your online business journey for dropshipping business with the help of DSers. Best wishes for your good selling.