Advice for New College Students

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Congratulations, you have been accepted to attend the college/university of your dreams! You’re probably all moved in. These first few weeks are a lot of fun (and can be a little scary)!

You are probably starting to seek out opportunities to boost your college experience. During these first few weeks of school, you will have all the questions…

Is it the right time for me to join an organization?
What organization(s) will help me develop my professional/leadership skills?
Is getting involved just about preparing for the workforce, or should I find a group that enriches my next 4+ years?
Is there a group that can help me find community?
Is there a group that can help me make a difference?

All these questions, matched with all the options of organizations on your campus, can be overwhelming.

One proven way to find a home, to find a family, to find purpose, and to prepare yourself for life after collenge… is to join a sorority or fraternity! These are international and local organizations that were founded to help people find community. They help individuals and groups of people enhance who they are. Collectively, fraternities and sororities help make a difference for millions of people around the world!

Did you know that there are 1 Million students currently participating in sororities and fraternities? And there are more than 9 Million alumni members around the world!

If you want to know if this is the right time to join a sorority or fraternity, the answer is… it depends. So, to help you navigate through these complexities, we want to give you four little tips to help guide you!

Tip Number 1: Identify and align YOUR interest!
What do you like to do? What do you see yourself achieving in the future? What values are important to you? All of these are great questions to consider when exploring which sorority or fraternity join. As you’re researching and interacting with members, ask them these questions too.

Tip Number 2: Explore different councils!
On most college campuses, fraternities and sororities are connected with a council. These are like umbrella organizations that support different styles of sorority and fraternity life. Typically there are councils named, “Multicultural Greek Council-MGC,” “IFC-Interfraternity Council,” “NPHC-National Pan-Hellenic Council,” and “CPC-Panhellenic Council.” Each council has different priorities and processes for joining. Make sure you know about these differences before you join!

Tip Number 3: Ask meaningful questions!
The best strategy to finding the right organization is asking the right questions. Based on your personal interest, ask members intentional questions: In which way(s) does their organization support_____? How do they develop members personally/professionally? Here’s a resource to make sure you avoid bad chapters.

Tip Number 4: Be more human!
The number one thing to remember when selecting an fraternity or sorority is to BE YOURSELF! The right organization should not change who you are. Instead, it should enhance who you are. Membership within any organization should be mutually beneficial to you and the organization to find the next right quality member.

Want more helpful information? Watch these videos. Considering Sorority? | Considering Fraternity? | A Daily Choice | Expectations of Membership | Fraternity & Sorority Types

Enjoy your exploration, and good luck in college!