BEACON OF THE DAY: St Elizabeth Student Ratings Big In PEP, Makes Government Scholarship


Bianca Powell has earned a Federal government scholarship to cover her years in secondary school if she keeps a high average.

“I am over the moon,” stated the young scholar.

She attained a placement rating of 346.9 or 99.1 percent in the Primary Exit Profile (PEP), which makes her one of the island’s top performers.

A breakdown of her performance reveals that she achieved 100 percent in the Capability Test, and was Extremely Proficient in all areas– Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts. She also accomplished Mastery of the Literacy and Numeracy components of PEP.

It is not unexpected that Bianca has been stated the leading student at Bull Savannah Seventh Day Adventist Preparatory School in St. Elizabeth.

She will begin studies next month at Hampton High School– her very first choice.

“I am extremely excited to go there,” the striving attorney told The Beacon, adding: “I plan to continue to study tough and listen to my teachers so I can constantly be on top.”

Bianca associated her exceptional performance to her difficult work, her trust in God, and the assistance she received from her instructors and relatives– including her parents Kahsheka Morgan and Arden Powell from Junction, St. Elizabeth.

“When we got Bianca’s PEP results, her dad sobbed tears of happiness. I understood she had it in her and I am simply overjoyed,” the mom stated.

She added: “I anticipate Bianca to continue on the path that she is on, study even harder, and continue to shine like the star she is.”

The staff at Bianca’s school– particularly instructors Kaneil Clarke, Daneisha Mckenzie-Anderson and Staceann Spencer– are all overjoyed.

They kept in mind that Bianca was focused, and there was proof that she studied.

The young scholar, who was always on the principal’s honour roll, was member of the 4-H Club at school.

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