Bengaluru Professor Lauds Students Who Take Online Classes Outdoors


All instructional institutes have been forced to take classes online during the pandemic but there are some trainees (specifically in rural India) who don’t have smart devices or face network problems. Many reports have actually emerged where trainees had to study outdoors (on the roofing system and even on a mountain) as that was the only location with excellent internet connection.

In a current Twitter thread, Economics teacher Arjun Jayadev highlighted another such incident where a student had to study under an umbrella in the middle of heavy rainfall in Karnataka. He valued the efforts of all such students and their dedication to learning. He added that the teachers will do whatever they can to make the online trimester an improving experience.

In a really interesting discussion with SAS professors on online teaching and how we can do it much better this time around. One story stood apart. This faculty would call trainees directly if they were having trouble linking online. During one call, the faculty heard thunderous rain.

— Arjun Jayadev (@arjun_jayadev) August 20, 2020

. Turns out the trainee, who lived in rural Karnataka was outdoors, under an umbrella, in the only location outside that could get a reasonable signal. This was not a separated incident. I’m writing to note to students who might be reading that we understand and acknowledge your.

— Arjun Jayadev (@arjun_jayadev) August 20, 2020

efforts, which are often truly brave. We will do all we can to make this online trimester work for us all. Please keep at it and please let us understand how its going. We would like to know and desire to help you learn. We miss you and eagerly anticipate see you in person when we can.

— Arjun Jayadev (@arjun_jayadev) August 20, 2020

Individuals online lauded the teacher for the heartfelt note along with the pledge to put in equivalent effort and help students as best they can.

We want to help you discover. Appreciation!

Beautiful note from @azimpremjiuniv prof to his students about obstacles of online knowing “We recognize your efforts which are frequently actually heroic. We miss you, wish to help you discover” This thread

— Suparna Singh (@Suparna_Singh) August 20, 2020

This is necessary. Numerous students are stretching themselves to make sure things work out. As a recent entrant to the mentor fraternity, I am often reminded of how tough students can work to satisfy expectations. Trainers need to step up to make these efforts successful.

— Balasubramanian V (@balahla) August 20, 2020

We hope the time comes soon when pupils can once again learn from such teachers personally.