College Professor Threatens to Dismiss Pro-Life Students From Her Class

What's Happening

A conservative student group accused an Iowa State University professor today of threatening to toss out trainees who disagree with her on abortion and other political concerns.

According to Young America’s Structure (YAF), Teacher Chloe Clark included a “GIANT WARNING” on her English 250 class curriculum laying out “premises for dismissal” from her class. These consist of any papers or jobs that refute killing unborn children in abortions.

The organization said somebody sent out the curriculum to it anonymously, fearing retribution.

In the file, Clark claimed that the pro-life position is a topic that “takes at its base that a person side does not be worthy of the exact same basic human rights as you do.”

This is a basic misconception of the abortion problem. The pro-life position is that all human beings should have basic human rights, consisting of humans in the womb, and the most fundamental of all rights is the right to life. Without it, all other rights are meaningless. Obviously, though, students could be dismissed from Clark’s classroom for arguing that point.

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