Coming to study at the University of Plymouth this year?

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Are you pertaining to study at the University of Plymouth this year? Our Guidance Centre has some tips to consider prior to you choose.


Don’t postpone in getting your financing, even if you are uncertain whether you are definitely going to begin University or perhaps if you are unsure if you are going to select the University of Plymouth. Apply as if you are, and after that change your application later on. Your trainee finance will not be paid, either to you or to the University, until you have registered and are certainly studying at the University of Plymouth in 20/21. You can always change your University, your course, the amount you wish to obtain, etc at a later stage, however applying early gives time to resolve any issues in the application process in a lot of time for your funding to be in location by the time you begin your course.

of delaying a year?

Many students may be considering this choice in the existing situation. Nevertheless, do bear in mind that this will indicate that there will be increased competition for places in 21/22 so if you have been provided a place in 20/21 and decide to delay a year, make certain you acquire composed verification from the University that a location will be scheduled for you.
We do not yet know how social distancing will influence on student lodging, both privately rented lodging and student halls of residence. You ought to know that, by registering to either, you will be entering a lawfully binding agreement and will be expected to pay the lease specified throughout of the agreement. You ought to make sure that any expectation you have of how social distancing will operate in your selected lodging is confirmed to you in writing by the lodging provider. You might desire to ask for the addition of a clause in the contract which launches you from it in case of a future lockdown situation.

You may wish to think of the effect social distancing will have when coping with a group of individuals you do not know well and who might not constantly act in manner ins which coincide with your own views and behaviours.

of your course

The University will have communicated to you how it anticipates to provide your course throughout the 20/21 scholastic year and will ask you to sign a Student Agreement prior to you start your course. The Trainee Agreement sets out the expectations of how your course will be provided in line with the requirements of the CMA (Competition & & Markets Authority). It is very important that you keep all the details and communication (marketing literature, e-mails, letters, screenshots) which you have utilized to inform your option to study at the University of Plymouth must you wish to challenge the University at any point in the future.

We are here to support you through your time at University, we provide free, personal and independent guidance on a variety of issues. As a member of the Trainees’ Union, you have totally free access to a suggestions centre that can support you with a variety of issues.

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