Jerry Falwell, Jr. Put On ‘Indefinite Leave’ From Liberty University After Sleazy Unzipped Pants Picture

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Liberty University has announced that they have asked university president Jerry Falwell Jr. will take an immediate leave of lack. This announcement is far from unexpected except to the extent that it is really holding a guy of severe wealth and power accountable for habits that, while not prohibited (that we understand of), isn’t exactly the type of thing one gets out of somebody who holds himself out as a Godly-man and an “educator” of impressionable young minds.

We at this site have actually had a little enjoyable with Jerry all week, he brought this all on himself when he published an image of himself looking exceptionally intoxicated, holding an attractive girl, on a yacht, all of which was plenty to get him a leave of lack from this university. The reversed pants and “stomach out” from under the t-shirt were just to make it art, we think. It seems like Jerry hosted an intoxicated “outfit party,” in which they mocked bad, white, southerners, or what Jerry and Trump generally call … the base.

Whatever the hell it was that went on, it was enough of a “thing” that we have actually been noting that Jerry would be in a bad area if he was president of the University of Iowa, never ever mind president of Liberty University. Certainly, Jerry’s most significant “hope,” to the extent he had any, was that people just expect that sort of hypocrisy from Trump and Trump allies. Look at the NRA! Look at the NRA, and look at Trump. Possibly we’re about to enter a new golden era of accountability.

The “You need to expect hypocrisy!” defense didn’t fly and today Liberty University asked Jerry to take an “indefinite leave of lack,” which isn’t a “termination,” however it is likely the most immediate thing that they can do. Yes, the door is exposed, if Jerry wishes to put 2 years of excellent behavior together and persuade them all that he actually has “reformed himself,” he can have at it, however that’s a lot of effort … we’ll see what he does. He has a lot of cash, he may just “retire” and … we truly don’t understand.

According to Rawstory:

“The Executive Committee of Liberty University’s Board of Trustees, acting on behalf of the complete Board, met today and requested that Jerry Falwell, Jr. take an indefinite leave of absence from his functions as President and Chancellor,” the declaration said, in part, according to CNN’s Jim Acosta.

Twitter had a genuine great time commenting on the latest move.

To learn new skills on sabbatical? Like zipping his fly?

— Marc Goldstein (@marcgoldstein_) August 7, 2020

Got ta start someplace.


Do they have any comments about Trump?


— Chilly Willy Resister (@WillReyes7) August 7, 2020

Not actually. Look who they elected President.

— Why oh Why? (@Why_Oh_Why67) August 7, 2020


Wait up until trump says, “Falwell is such a terrific person”.

— Republican4Biden-It Is What It Is (@Biden2020Dem) August 7, 2020

Walking, talking disaster Jerry Falwell, Jr. has actually been asked to take indefinite leave from Liberty University.

Truly unusual how all these Cult of the Shining City, prosperity gospel, white-identity evangelical folks end up being grifters and embarrassing hypocrites, yeah?

— Jared Yates Sexton (@JYSexton) August 7, 2020

Jerry Falwell, Jr. doesn’t even a lead double life. He honestly spends half his time pushing the very same Christian extremist rubbish of the Religious Right and the other half freely flaunting it in his individual escapades. The person is a careless hypocrite.

— Charlotte Clymer ?️‍? (@cmclymer)August 7, 2020 The next action is to

follow the cash. Jerry Falwell, Jr. is living quite high on the hog.– Dr. Jack Brown(@DrGJackBrown)August 7

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