Kitchen Area Kindergarten– Distance Knowing with Young Kid|Capturing Readers Before They Fall


I have not met any early childhood instructor who loves mentor virtually. Maybe there are some out there, however extremely teachers desire to be in class– playing, hugging, discovering and questioning with their students. We were plunged into distance crisis teaching last March, and we will be continuing this kind of mentor for some time, I’m afraid. Welcoming virtual or range learning and searching for methods to make it work, and work well, is important, while acknowledging that this is temporary.

Carla Rinaldi, the President of Reggio said, “a digital experience is among the 100 languages– 100 possibilities– 100 ways of approaching reality– of the kids. Digital is not an enemy– it’s a brand-new possibility.”

How can we make range learning the best it can potentially be– a new possibility for our kids?

I have actually spent a great deal of time reviewing what worked and what didn’t operate in virtual or range knowing for my kindergartners. I’m continuing to learn, believe, check out and collaborate as I do Kitchen Area Kindergarten Summer Version– my district’s “connection of discovering” sessions. I will share a few things that I discovered are working rather well for entire group learning. I will tell you, I’m quite “low-tech”. I start with what I understand works well in the classroom and consider how I can adjust it to virtual mentor. I’m finding out a lot more “high-tech” options this summer, but many of these ideas are in the “low-tech” classification. I’m planning future posts on whole group, little group, 1:1 and play dates, in addition to ideas for how it might look starting with a brand-new class of kindergartners.

Carla Rinaldi
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with kids are the professionals. We need to share our concepts and experiences with each other so that we can be in the very best position possible to continue distance learning or resume when essential this fall. What concepts do you have for whole group virtual learning? Please share! Katie– would you be intrigued in doing a webinar for Leader Valley books? Love this publishing and think our instructors would discover a lot from you– we are believing great deals of instructors will be continuing range knowing in the fall– possibly a session in early October? We would include your book!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and reflections about your virtual teaching experience.– offered me a fantastic offer of convenience and hope.

Katie, your post will assist and motivate numerous. It is so kind and generous of you to share what you are finding out on this journey. Thank you. (I was just informing Lisa the other day that I need to generate puppets! She utilizes them in the classroom and online also. You folks are motivating!)

I’ve done mine like that. I understand what each child enjoys and attempt to integrate a little of everything. My animals are a secret weapon! I have numerous. The kids delight in looking at them and discovering them. They share theirs as well. I have actually done Virtual Scavenger hunts. “Can you find something that starts with the letter An in your house?” They discover it and discuss it. This is language and socializing. We begin with greetings and end with them sharing a toy or production. I always ask each child if they have closing thoughts that way each has a turn. I am now doing live and virtual at the very same time. We “wish our friends well” by putting hands on heart and saying the words while extending out palms. We dance, move and do fun songs. I post on the Google class. Considering the Meet, Live, and Publishing takes imagination and a desire to do the additional work. I’m finding out as I go, like all of us are. As long as my kids enjoy it and find out, this implies I am doing something. For this, I am greatful for the chance to be able to teach practically.

As constantly, I like reading your posts! I have two book research studies going on today and I have shared your blog! (Purposeful Play and Engaging Literate Minds) So much of what you stated above is so powerful! We are starting on an A/B schedule but I don’t know the length of time that will last. So thanks for constantly being so honest and real about teaching! You influence me!

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