M’sian Student Loses Wallet, Friends Gather S$500 To Buy Him A Laptop For University

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Malaysian Student Cries After Receiving S$500 Laptop From His Friends

True friends are hard to come by. Even under difficult circumstances, these guys would always be there to lift you up and make sure you’re all right.

Source: 5cammers on TikTok

This Malaysian student can count himself lucky to have a friend group who gathered money to purchase a laptop.

As he’s about to enter university, a group of friends chipped in to get him a laptop worth S$491 (RM1,600) after he lost his wallet.

Under the pretence of a get-together over drinks, the group surprised the 20-year-old man with the laptop.

He broke down in tears as his friends told him that they remembered all the help he’s given them.

Malaysian student lost his wallet, friends decide to surprise him with laptop

In a TikTok video uploaded on 9 Sep, the group gathered at an eatery in Malaysia to surprise their friend, Nazrul, with a timely gift.

thanks semua & all the best bro kat tempat baru

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According to the clip, the group had secretly bought a small gift for their friend who was about to enter university.

A caption then reads that they could buy the gift with the help of small contributions from everyone.

As they presented the gift to their cherished buddy, Nazrul looked at everyone in disbelief.

Another caption then reveals that Nazrul had lost his wallet “two to three days ago”, and so they decided to gift him with the laptop.

Source: 5cammers on TikTok

Nazrul dissolved into tears as his friends surrounded him and said they managed to scrounge together a total of S$531 (RM1,600) for the gift.

This revelation seemed to only tug at his heartstrings further, as it looked as though he started crying more intensely.

Source: 5cammers on TikTok

Seeing this, one of his friends consoled the friend and told him that his friends won’t forget that he was always the one helping others out.

Last to enter university due to financial difficulties

Speaking to Sin Chew Daily, the OP Farhan said Nazrul was the last in their group to enter university as his family’s financial ability was not the best.

After learning that his friend’s opportunity was here, Farhan set up a WhatsApp group chat to plan their surprise.

They found a laptop that matched their requirements, but it was priced at RM1,700. “We managed to haggle the price down to RM1,600, with one of our friends, Fakri, contributing RM1,000,” shared Farhan.

As Nazrul usually invites his friends to gather for drinks, Farhan and the others decided to launch their surprise during the next visit.

I hope he’ll like his gift, and that he won’t forget we’re all good friends for life.

Friends are the family you choose

Some would say that friends are the family that you choose, and it seems that this friend has picked well.

It would be safe to say that the gift is a small ask for the friend group, considering he’s been down on his luck recently.

Hopefully, the gift would be a constant reminder of his big-hearted friends.

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Featured image adapted from 5cammers on TikTok.

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