Nidhi Razdan Gives Up NDTV, Heads to Harvard University as Partner Professor

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Award winning journalist Nidhi Razdan has actually chosen to stop NDTV, where she worked for 21 years. She will be heading to teach journalism at Harvard University later on in the year. The face of the program Left Right and Centre, Nidhi has covered numerous crucial international assignments in external affairs and politics. She has actually been among the most prominent, and reputable reporters in the country winning awards for her reporting.She shared more

information on this move saying as follows: Some individual and expert news: after21 years at NDTV, I am changing direction and moving on. Later this year, I begin as a Partner Professor mentor journalism as part of Harvard University’s Professors of Arts and Sciences. NDTV has taught me everything.

It has actually been my house. I take pride in the work we do, the stories we cover, the worths we represent, particularly at a time when the much of the media has surrendered its neutrality

< span class =" css-901oao css-16my406 r-1qd0xha r-ad9z0x r-bcqeeo r-qvutc0 "> I will miss my coworkers deeply. Many of all, I want to thank Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy for being the most extraordinary mentors and employers. You took me in as a 22 year old and believed in me. I never ever say never, so TV might one day beckon once again. Wish me luck

Nidhi Razdan tweeted the above message revealing her departure from NDTV. Nidhi has actually been at the forefront of numerous of India’s big stories from hosting the show Left Right and Centre to reporting on Kashmir, The rape of girl in J&K, Egyptian Revolution and numerous others. Razdan has actually likewise authored a book on her show likewise titled Left, Right and Centre: The Concept of India, which was released in July 2017. [Read an interview about her book here]

Nidhi Razdan’s program selected the International Press Institute Award-India for its “expose of the conspiracy to scuttle” the Kathua rape and murder case probe. In her power-packed speech at the award ceremony, Razdan had talked about the crisis that Indian Media is facing today. “Those of us who do our tasks as reporters are labelled anti-nationals. The unfortunate fact is that extremely couple of are willing to speak truth to power, and you have– with some exceptions- a media that fawns over the establishment, unwilling to ask difficult questions instead preferring to merely recreate government handouts and pass that off as news,” she had actually said.

In an earlier interview with SheThePeople, Razdan resolved this extremely issue of shutdown of media, and the increased pressure on them to keep back the reality or face attack.

SheThePeople: How can we ask concerns without being closed down? How can we express ourselves in an environment where a lot of what we state is considered anti-national or an attack?

Nidhi Razdan: By asking the questions anyway, come what may. NDTV, me– we are called anti-national practically everyday online. But that’s far from the truth. Those who are hectic handing out these patriotism certificates, are to my mind, phony nationalists. They only beat their chests, make noise and bully those with a various perspective. That doesn’t make you a nationalist. It is not anti-national to ask concerns, it is not anti-national to hold all institutions liable in a democracy, and it is most certainly not anti-national to question the government.

For her views on media, she was typically the subject of trolls and risks. When we asked her about her perspective on social networks she said it came with dangers of phony news.

SheThePeople: Even though there is an increase of social media, have we become a less informed society? Have we in reality end up being more divided?

Nidhi Razdan: I do not believe we are less notified, however we have become more divided for numerous factors. Social media is a great source of info PROVIDED that what you read is NOT fake news. Many Indians today are fed on a daily diet plan of phony news over whatsapp, which is distributed as the gospel fact. Those are the dangers we require to be wary of. Social network has no responsibility, Absolutely no. Anybody can write anything and in India, that indicates they can practically get away with it.

You can read the complete interview with Nidhi Razdan here.

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