Nurse in Ireland Sends Pinoy Kids with Tablets They Can Use for Online School


A nurse in Ireland recently went viral after sending several Pinoy kids with tablets they can use for online school. Wow. It amazed so many netizens that this Pinoy nurse is doing this for kids he did not even know personally!

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the Philippines is implementing blended learning in schools to ensure that there will be no face-to-face classes to minimize contact among students and teachers. This will certainly help stop the rapid spread of the virus.

Aldrin Licayan
Photo credit: Aldrin Licayan / PEP

But with so many parents unable to buy gadgets for online school, many expressed their worries that they might not be able to send their kids to school this year. However, the Department of Education (DepEd) clarified that students don’t have to be online to learn this year. Instead, modular learning options are also available.

Still, this did not stop Aldrin Licayan, a Filipino nurse in Ireland, from raising funds to provide kids with tablets for online school in the Philippines. As nurse, Licayan knew that blended learning will certainly be better than face-to-face classes in stopping the spread of the virus.

But the nurse, who is also a vlogger, received so many requests from parents asking for tablets or other gadgets for their children. He took pity on these parents. He realized that he could do something for these kids.

So, Licayan launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to buy tablets for these kids in the Philippines. At first, he only sought help from the Pinoy community in Ireland. But he was surprised at the overwhelming support he received from netizens.

Photo credit: Aldrin Licayan / PEP

Though he only set a goal for 10 tablets on his “Distance Learning Tablets for Filipino Youth” GoFundMe campaign, he received close to Php70,000 and was able to buy 20! But this is only the beginning. Licayan and his friends have launched the second wave of their fundraising campaign to provide more tablets to more kids in the Philippines.

At work, Licayan and his colleagues experience a lot of challenges as cases continue to rise in Ireland yet he is happy that though he is so tired at work, the advocacy he started is giving him a lot of happiness.