Ohio State University students rage after authorities declare black-on-white crime a ‘hate criminal offense’: Report based upon ‘false story of black-on-white criminal offense’

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Campus Reform

Some trainees at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, are furious after school authorities dared describe a black-on-white criminal offense as a “hate criminal offense.”

According to a Sunday report from Campus Reform, a horde of trainees protested and took their gripes to social networks in an attempt to embarassment the university for its apparently controversial stance.

What are the details?

Previously in September, Ohio State University sent out public security notices to all of its students, at first recommending them of a “hate crime” committed by two African-American suspects near the school’s Columbus school.

At the time, the Lantern, Ohio State’s trainee newspaper, reported that the race of the victims was not disclosed, however included that authorities charged the 2 suspects with “felonius assault and attack” in connection with the occurrence.

Days after the school initially reported the criminal offense, the Department of Public Security exposed “that the [3] victims of the crime where white Ohio State trainees and that the suspects remained in custody.”

“One suspect allegedly yelled a racial slur at a trainee and punched him the face,” Campus Reform reported of the interaction.

According to University Cops Chief Kimberly Spears-McNatt, federal law needs the school report hate crimes under 1990’s federal Jeanne Clery Act, which “requires colleges and universities that get federal funding to share a public annual security report” in addition to mandating the school report specific crimes that apparently happen on and near campus.

Spears-McNatt stated that the race of the victims was initially– and wrongly– omitted in the initial campus-wide notice.

“We excuse this omission and any concerns or concerns it might have caused,” Spears-McNatt stated in an email to the Lantern.

University representative Dan Hedman likewise informed the Lantern that “because the suspects were of a various race than the victims, the racial slur used in [the] incident fell under the Clery Act’s definition of a hate criminal offense, and the university was legally obliged to report it as such.”

The 2 suspects, nevertheless, were not arrested under charges of a hate criminal activity, according to the outlet.

What else?

The outlet reported that in addition to the blowback of announcing the criminal activity, “roughly 100 trainees” collected beyond the school’s administrative offices to demand change to the handling of public security notices.

The Lantern kept in mind that leaflets for the protest read, “Why Does OSU Only Uphold the Security of White Trainees?”

In reaction, social media user and purported OSU student Deja Geddings required to Twitter, writing, “OSU is buffooning their whole black trainee body right now. They’re blatantly making school more uncomfortable and harmful for us and POC.”

OSU is buffooning their whole Black student body today. They’re blatantly making campus more unpleasant and harmful for us and POC.

— Deja Janay (@Deja Janay)1599315731.0

Devon Stith, a third-year student at the university, informed the Lantern, “Even if, state, all Black individuals hesitate, scared, believe white individuals are dreadful individuals and are raising all their children to not talk to white people, prevent white individuals, everything like that, that’s not going to impact the white community’s success in life in this nation. They’re not going to be harmed by our rhetoric. On the flip side, we have actually been and will continue to be harmed as long as their rhetoric is destructive.”

Even more, a campus-based group, Trainee Solidarity at OSU, firmly insisted that the criminal activity was not a hate criminal offense, due to the fact that such attacks “are not based upon a history of violence & & injustice towards white people.”

In a Twitter statement, the group composed, “Last Thursday, @OhioState sent a careless ‘public safety notification’ that declared OSU trainees were the victims of a ‘hate criminal offense.’ The email recognized the alleged enemies as black, while stopping working to mention that the victims were white. This is undesirable.”

Last Thursday, @OhioState sent a careless “public security notice”that claimed OSU students were the victi … https://t.co/WSt3HgBNN9– Trainee Uniformity at OSU(@Student Uniformity at OSU)1599518147.0 The group added,”The details of this occurrence

that were shared in OSU’s public safety notification do not meet the legal meaning of a hate criminal offense. To describe it as such entirely because the declared criminals used a’ racial slur’ is illogical.”The group included,”‘ Racial slurs ‘describing white people are not based upon a history of violence & injustice towards white people. Utilizing this ‘slur’does not have the exact same violent, racist ramifications as a white individual saying the n-word, for example, nor does it make this incident a hate criminal activity.”” Racial slurs “referring to White individuals are not based on a history of violence & & oppression towards White people … https://t.co/ntloyy1ikI

— Student Uniformity at OSU (@Student Solidarity at OSU)1599518149.0

The group pointed out that it was the really first time the school thought about a black-on-white crime a “hate criminal activity.”

“We all know about the many, lots of acts of racially-motivated discrimination and violence towards BIPOC trainees that have actually taken place throughout OSU’s past and present. This appears to be the very first time that OSU has provided a public safety notice about a ‘hate criminal activity,'” the group firmly insisted.

Further, the group firmly insisted, “The reality that OSU chose THIS occurrence as its first reported ‘hate crime’ is telling.”

“It is rooted in the false story of ‘black-on-white’ crime that white supremacists use to damn the black neighborhood and validate their racism,” the group’s tweet included.

The truth that OSU chose THIS event as its first reported “hate crime” is informing. It is rooted in the incorrect narr … https://t.co/z2E5HfJI8r

— Student Uniformity at OSU (@Student Uniformity at OSU)1599518149.0