Online classes and here is where we as parents are getting it incorrect–


Up until the start of scholastic year 2020-21, we parents were blissfully uninformed of the mentor approach in school- yes many of us looked at the syllabus, house work, prepared our wards for competitions and numerous activities in school and inquired about what did they discover at school- but we weren’t physically present to see the mentor approach.

But this academic year had something in store for all of us that we never ever pictured. With Covid and most schools having actually started online classes for kids, its the parents who are now a part of the class. For kids studying in pre- main and lower main, parents or caretakers need to exist throughout the session to take care of the muting, un muting of voice, starting the video and so on. My child’s online classes began 3 weeks back and its been quite an experience for me. The great part is its simply for 1.5 hours or sometimes even lesser with 5 minutes break provided twice and its quite workable. Neither people discovered it difficult.

Throughout the course of 3 weeks, observing the sessions, children and instructor interaction and numerous whats app chats on the moms and dads group, I made a few observations on a few of the important things we as parents or guardians are not getting right, maybe its a sub conscious thing however its crucial to acknowledge these.

If we are ever prepared to spoon feed them every response just to make them feel great, when will they ever learn to be self reliant and when wil they find out the life lesson of failure?

2. Lets not dumb it down and ignore our kids. I was guilty of this too. I enrolled Angel in a new school this year and the syllabus was quite different from the conventional school she was used to from the past 2 years. Here they are teaching 5 year olds everything about internal organs- the digestion system, breathing system, and so on. While it appeared too much to absorb at first and I was take aback as I compared this to what I found out as a kid, we discovered all this much later possibly in 3rd or 4th grade. I couldn’t fathom how kids this young would have the ability to comprehend such intricate words and how the internal organs work. Here’s the thing. They are smarter than we think they are, its we who dumb it down. We frequently make the mistake of comparing them to ourselves, without recognizing they are various people in a various era! I slowly realized Angel has the ability to comprehend stuff, she does have questions and I need to explain some of the things to her but she gets the series and can keep it too.

I still discover parents grumbling about the syllabus when there are no tests and this is simply implied to gear up the children with general understanding, why not be more open in our ideas and see how much the kids can retain?

3. A lot of moms and dads have actually been complaining that they need to be present with kids and take their research studies after the online class- this was something which I found amusing. Online class or no, you require to spend time with your kids specifically those in lower classes teaching them, revising and making sure they get the ideas. This is when a strong structure is constructed. The school has not bring out a required that parents require to do this, while certain activities have actually been constructed around Parent Child Interaction, its approximately you as a parent to walk that extra mile or select not to do it. My mom has walked more than a few miles when we were young in helping us get our basics right and my expert success to a terrific level is associated to her efforts. This is what I as a moms and dad select to do for my daughter. Another parent might not desire to do it, its their option, but so is the outcome then. I do not see the point of grumbling against the school and instructors and expecting our kids are going to digest ever thing at one go, without we as moms and dads choosing to dedicate time to them.

Its never easy being a moms and dad and the older your kid grows, the more challenging it gets. I sometimes laugh at my early days as a moms and dad and the misconception I had that it will improve as they age- it never ever does!

There is never a best or right method of raising them, but being mindful of our unconscious predisposition, being wiling to accept that we may have got it wrong and make amends– this is what its all about.

I do understand the online classes are taking a toll on kids in some schools where the system is barbaric to state it simply as it is- and I do hope the situation improves.

Do share your views on this topic, I anticipate hearing from you.