Online courses aimed to help companies be safe and law-compliant


21 Academy, is a licensed educational institution, founded by lawyer and director Dr Roselyn Borg and Director Angelito Sciberras. The academy offers a wide range of accredited and non-accredited courses in various fields, tailored to the specific needs of participants. The group of tutors working within the academy bring to the table years of expertise and knowledge and can apply subject matters to real-life cases which they have encountered throughout their careers.

The COVID-19 situation has not stopped 21 Academy from providing its services, rather, the academy strengthened its forces to be able to assist businesses in the unanticipated moves that they had to take in a rapid manner. “We very quickly shifted our operations and courses online and continued to provide clients with ongoing advice and support,” explains Dr Roselyn Borg.

“We also took the initiative to provide a number of free online webinars, providing guidance to businesses on how to deal effectively with changes brought about by the pandemic, be it to human resources, operations or communication strategies. The webinars dealt with issues of redundancies, minimising risk at the place of work and dealing with the ‘new normal’. Others were focused on helping companies become more knowledgeable on matters of law compliance and industrial relations.” The next webinar 21 Academy has planned will delve into the Employment and Industrial Relations Act and is going to be held on the 28th May 2020. In these unprecedented times we often talk about employment law without actually knowing the legal provisions being referred to and this webinar will that ensure we know what is being referred to.

21 Academy does not only provide training to employers, but also employees, helping them to be made aware of their rights within the workplace and to improve required skills such as CV Writing.

Upcoming short courses

Covid-19 : Infection Prevention & Legal Implications Course

Starting Date: 26th May

This course is about what needs to be done in relation to infection prevention and legal implications with regard to the New Normal. This course is fundamental in these unprecedent times. Spread over 2 online sessions (of an hour & a half each) this course is purposely designed for those businesses working on implementing new measures, to be in line with authorities’ directives and to minimise the risk of infection as much as possible. Many businesses have been left overwhelmed and puzzled about the changes they are required to make, to be able to resume operations within their premises. This course will go into detail about conducting an appropriate risk assessment at the workplace, reviewing,  and amending existing policies, and drafting new ones. The training will prepare business owners/managers to not only ensure safe environments for consumers and employees alike, but to be well-guarded in the eventual case of liability issues. The tutors of this course are experts in the fields of health care, employment law, privacy legislation and administration. This course is being organised in collaboration with Pro Health.

Directors Law and Compliance Certificate

Starting Date: 27th May

This course which is being organised in collaboration with Camilleri Preziosi Advocates, is spread over 5 hours, and is directed towards company directors (newly appointed, those aiming to become directors, or those wanting to brush up on skills) and company secretaries.

The course will delve into the responsibilities of company directors, their statutory and mandatory duties, the roles of the board of directors and the different types of directors. It will also provide knowledge about processes for appointments and vacation of office and guide directors on how to overcome challenges that the company might face, such as liability cases or solvency procedures.

The course will give special attention to developments in the area, including new challenges and opportunities that can ultimately help directors and their companies succeed.

Company Recovery and Company Liquidation

Starting date 9th June 2020

The course will be held over 3 online sessions of one and a half hour each. The course will be centred around the topics of Company Liquidation and Company Recovery  and will seek to provide attendees with a basic introduction to the topics as a whole and allow attendees to grasp the concepts of dissolution and the liquidation of companies and the different modes of winding up that may ensue under Maltese Law. The role of the liquidator and that of the Official Receiver and other factors related to the topic of liquidation of Maltese Companies shall also be briefly touched upon during the sessions.

The course will also seek to provide attendees with a basic understanding of directors’ liability in terms of a wrongful trading or fraudulent trading action and the elements of such actions, which could be instituted during the winding up of the company in certain cases.

Finally, the possibility of company reconstructions and namely, the company recovery procedure and what this entails shall also be delved into.  This course will be held in collaboration with Fenech and Fenech Advocates.

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