Op-Ed: The Electoral College Stops Fascist Leaders from Taking Power – Is That Why Democrats Hate It?

What's Happening

Opposition to the Electoral College from America’s left is as foreseeable as any aspect of our political discourse; we understand it is coming– the only question is when.

For our present election cycle, the effort appears to have gotten here early this time around.

In a recent New york city Times Op-Ed titled “How Has the Electoral College Made It Through for This Long,” Harvard professor Alexander Keyssar got the baton by awkwardly trying to make the case that the Electoral College is racist.

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: fl-noexcerpt=” true” > Advertisement- story continues listed below Apparently, anything the left dislikes nowadays is racist. Fortunately for logical Americans, the Electoral College is not going anywhere, having actually been a hallowed part of our government system because 1804, as instituted in the 12th Modification.

In order to rescind any constitutional amendment, there requires to be a two-thirds majority vote in both your house of Representatives and the Senate or a constitutional convention required by two-thirds of the state legislatures. Spoiler alert: That is not occurring with the Electoral College.

However why exists such a lack of appreciation from the left relating to the Electoral College?

Most of us discovered in elementary school that we live in a democratic republic, not a simple democracy. We enhance this reality every time we recite the Pledge of Loyalty: “and to the Republic, for which it stands.”

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: fl-noexcerpt =” true” > Advertisement -story continues listed below Our Founding Dads comprehended the ills of mob rule, we were taught. Enabling simply a simple bulk (half plus one) to drive the instructions of the entire country is not just not practical, it is risky.

The Electoral College is a substantial aspect of our republic, and abolishing it would reduce the importance of states, especially smaller states, and would take us one action more detailed to mob guideline. Where would we be today on the concerns of civil liberties and spiritual liberties if we had executed easy democracy and the popular vote?

Do you think Democrats comprehend what eliminating the Electoral College would do to our country?