Oxford University coronavirus vaccine has ‘ethical issues’, Sydney Catholic Archbishop warns fans – ABC News

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Australia’s most powerful Archbishop has told Catholics to boycott the coronavirus vaccine that the Federal government struck an offer to purchase 25 million dosages of last week over “ethical concerns”.

Secret points: Anthony Fisher, the Archbishop of Sydney, used social networks to criticise the vaccine being established at Oxford University, saying it “makes use of a cell line cultured from an electively aborted human fetus”.

The vaccine, which is considered amongst the frontrunners in the worldwide race to fight COVID-19, has been established from a kidney cell line (HEK-293) taken from an aborted foetus, a typical practice in medical research.The Australian Federal government recently signed an arrangement with UK-based drug business AstraZeneca to secure 25 million dosages of the possible COVID-19 vaccine if it clears trials.”Whether this vaccine is successful or not, it is necessary that the Federal government does not develop an ethical predicament for people,”Archbishop Fisher wrote on Facebook.Archbishop Fisher stated he had written to the Prime Minister and prompted him to pursue alternate vaccines which

“do not utilize foetal cells in their development”. Scott Morrison has previously said the Government was not restricting its look for a vaccine to just the Oxford University

candidate.Professor Colin Pouton, from the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, stated the HEK-293 cell was frequently utilized in medical research study”to make viral vector products”because there are advantages to utilizing mammalian cells.”They’re using the cell line as a packaging system to make the virus,”he said.” It’s a cell line you can use to produce proteins or produce viral items.” Professor Pouton said the cell-line was developed years back and had actually been widely used worldwide.”It’s not like people are using a new

cell line,”he said.”It’s currently there, so in lots of aspects the ethical issue remains in history.”Other vaccines in Australia use the”human diploid cell lines”of WI-38 and MRC-5, which are initially stemmed from human foetal tissue.These include the rubella, hepatitis A and rabies vaccines to name a few.

AstraZeneca was approached for comment.