Paige Drummond Graduation from University of Arkansas

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Ree Drummond

We showed up early enough to get a good seat, and got to snap a pic of Paige approaching the stage. I was the waving mom in the crowd. The one with the red hair and sweat trickling down her back. (TMI?)

Poor Todd. He’d had a really long week of finals and college coach visits, and before they called the twentieth name, he’d fallen asleep. Mauricio was cracking up. Todd was out!

Ree Drummond

I’m so grateful to a very kind person who snapped this photo on the jumbo tron in the arena and emailed it to me. I was too busy filming the video and didn’t get this photo. Yay, Paige!

Ree Drummond

After the ceremony, it was exactly like the times when Ladd turns out the calves in one big bunch after working them, and they have to pair up with their mamas. It took all of us over twenty minutes to finally find each other!

Ree Drummond

My dad was there with his sweet wife, Patsy. Such supportive grandparents! I should note that my mom and her husband never did find us after the ceremony. 😂 It was crazy! They were supportive grandparents too, though!

Aww, Alex and Paige! Growing up, they fought over clothes and argued about who was better on a horse…but I love the friendship these two share. Alex is so proud!

Ree Drummond

It says a lot about Mauricio that he would rush back from a work trip to make it to Paige’s graduation on time. He’s a sweet brother-in-law, and even though he and Paige thrive on giving each other a hard time, they love each other a lot.

Bryce was there with his “friend” Hadley, whom I call Haddles because I’m weird, and they were sweet to celebrate with Paige. Also, please look at Bryce. He is my most animated, weird child and I love that about him. Also (newsflash!): He recently decided to switch from quarterback to linebacker on his college team…hence his larger size. Another story for another time, but he is loving it!

Ree Drummond

I am a fair-skinned redhead, and as such, I can’t open my eyes outside for more than four seconds before I start squinting and crying. This was the tiny window where I could smile and not frown.

Ree Drummond

Look at Paige smiling through the chaos, and I’m like “Wait! My eyes! Hold on! I have to put on my sunglasses!” Way to smile through the chaos, Paige.

We are so proud of Paige. Speaking of linebackers, she tackled college like a linebacker. She was driven and dedicated, and by her own account, she never wants to see another class again–haha. But she sucked the marrow out of her whole college experience and did great.

This photo was taken in fall of 2018, when Ladd and I first dropped off Paige at college. I was crying and my heart felt like it would break into a million pieces. It’s inconceivable to me that it’s already the end of her college experience. But no tears this time—just happiness!

I tried to dig up an old photo of the four of them to put next to this one…but I’m not in the mood to cry today. So I’ll just say that Todd was being nice in this photo by kneeling and not showing off the fact that he’s the tallest of these four already-tall humans.

Stu is an Arkansas student as well, but has another year to go before he graduates. He wouldn’t have missed the ceremony for the world, and here’s something funny: He initially planned to leave to drive back to Dallas immediately after this, but he heard we were having steak for dinner so he changed his plans and stayed. Stu and his love for food!

I am SO bummed I didn’t get any photos of the delectable dinner local chef Matthew Cooper prepared for us, but this was the pretty table! (Thank you to Ever Something in Tulsa for making things so special!)

My mom, whom the kids call “Gee”, made it to our dinner and she loved being there. It was a beautiful night in Northwest Arkansas! So proud of you, Paige…can’t wait to see what’s ahead for you!

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