Paul Finebaum Calls For College Football Coach To Be Fired

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Arlington, Texas.(Image by Scott Halleran/Getty Images) ESPN college football analyst Paul Finebaum is calling for a head coach to be fired following Monday’s controversy.Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy was spotted wearing an OAN shirt on a fishing expedition. OAN, a.k.a. One America News, is a far right-leaning, pro-Donald Trump network based out of California.Cowboys star Chuba Hubbard called out Gundy on Twitter

. Numerous other players signed up with in, stating they will not take part in football activities until something changes.Later on Monday night, Hubbard and Gundy appeared in a video

together. The Cowboys say that modification is coming and that the players are getting to work.Change is coming I guarantee you that.!.?.!— Chuba Hubbard( @Hubbard_RMN )June 15, 2020 Finebaum thinks he’s seen enough, though. He’s calling for Gundy to be fired. “I thought the incorrect individual apologized. Chuba (Hubbard) is just revealing his frustration with his head coach in the middle of a nationwide, worldwide crisis, wearing a t-shirt of a network that I must admit I have actually never ever seen. However I have actually checked out enough about it. And a commentator of that network just recently stated that’black lives matter’is a farce. I can comprehend the frustration of the players. What I can’t comprehend is why Mike Gundy is allowed to continue to coach at Oklahoma State. This is not his first rodeo. It’s not the very first time that he has actually embarrassed or humiliated the university. I believe the faster Oklahoma State gets rid of Mike Gundy, the better it’s going to be for that school and especially the gamers who go out every Saturday and provide their blood, sweat and tears for that university.I have actually enjoyed Mike Gundy throughout the years and the only meaningful thing he has actually contributed over his 15 years is the” I’m the Male! I’m 40! “that went viral years ago. Other than that, he has not been that terrific of a coach. He is 2-13 against Oklahoma. Trying going 2-13 against your competitor and continuing as head coach. He humiliated the school two months back when he chuckled off COVID-19 and said essentially stated” bring the gamers back, there’s too much cash at stake,”and he hasn’t changed that all. He continues to humiliate his school whenever he opens his mouth,”