Photo Essay: For Ranchi’s slum-dwelling school children, online classes are a privilege they can’t afford –


Children dwelling in a run-down neighborhood in Sarna Toli area of Ranchi in the state of Jharkhand are facing multiple challenges in the middle of COVID-19 lockdown as the majority of their families can’t pay for to buy mobile phones for them. Cash-strapped and hardly able to fulfill ends, availing online classes with smart devices is difficult for lots of. reporter Nazish Hussain records the story of these children.

By Nazish Hussain,

Ranchi: In a single room home in the shanty town of Sarna Toli, Ranchi lives Muzammil Hawari, a 10th standard student, with his family. He studies at an independent school. It has actually been almost 6 months since his school has actually been shut after the countrywide lockdown enforced due to COVID-19 began in March. Muzammil was left entirely out of touch with his research studies, with no classes or tuitions. Though the school started online classes, he couldn’t participate in due to the unavailability of the needed facilities for online classes at his home. It was just 2 months ago that his father bought him a new smartphone.