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Why Learn How to Use Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel classes for children prove highly beneficial for those interested in pursuing STEM careers. Students studying subjects like science, technology, engineering, and/or math not only use Microsoft Excel throughout their careers, they also need it to get through classes. Most STEM courses require students to use Excel’s plotting and graphing capabilities. Knowing Excel helps students prepared for their course work and excel in their studies. 

Microsoft Excel is also beneficial for adults to learn, as it can be used for a variety of applications that streamline your responsibilities in every professional industry and in your personal life. Microsoft Excel is a program based on spreadsheets that can be used to create grids of text, dates, numbers, formulas, and calculations. 

Professionally and personally, Excel can be used for data storage and analysis, to keep track of project progress and schedules, budget management, distribution plans, attendance, problem solving, and more! You’ll find that when you know how to use Microsoft Excel, you’ll be able to instruct the program to do a lot of work and heavy lifting for you. It’ll save you time and reduce the frequency and number of human errors that occur. 

The Best Way to Learn Microsoft Excel and What You’ll Study in Classes

Although it’s easy to find free Microsoft Excel classes online, the best way to learn is by studying with a private Microsoft Excel tutor. No two private lessons are exactly alike. For example, Microsoft Excel lessons for adults in marketing differ greatly in terms of course content and teaching methods from classes for children studying science.

In addition to customizing your lessons, your private teacher will keep you motivated and interested. During private lessons, you’ll have your instructor’s undivided attention. With immediate feedback and answers, you’ll pick up new topics and features fast, while you learn at a pace that’s comfortable for you. 

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Microsoft Excel

If you have little or no previous experience with Microsoft Excel, then beginner lessons are right for you. Your instructor will introduce you to the basic functions and navigation of the program. You’ll understand and begin using the software’s capabilities and features. In beginner lessons, your Microsoft Excel tutor might choose to cover the following topics:

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Microsoft Excel

If you’re already familiar with the basics of Microsoft Excel, then intermediate lessons are for you. In intermediate lessons, your instructor will help you learn to personalize and tailor Microsoft Excel to work for you. You’ll begin learning how to customize spreadsheets and grids to meet your needs. In intermediate lessons, your teacher might choose to cover the following topics:

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Microsoft Excel

Advanced Microsoft Excel classes are intended for students who already know their way around the software. In these classes, you’ll learn industry-specific applications for Excel and learn to customize these applications to complete daily tasks for you. Topics covered in advanced lessons depend greatly on the individual student’s interests and goals, but your teacher might choose to cover the following topics:

How to Find a Microsoft Excel Teacher Near You

Finding a private Microsoft Excel teacher on TakeLessons is easy! A quick search will direct you to a long list of highly qualified and experienced tutors who offer private lessons in person and online to students of all ages and abilities. Before selecting your tutor, we recommend browsing several profiles and reading reviews left by other students. Look for a great tutor with experience using Microsoft Excel in your industry. 

The price of private Microsoft Excel lessons varies, but most teachers base their rates on the length and frequency of lessons. With so many teachers to choose from, you shouldn’t have a problem finding one who fits both your budget and your schedule. Plus, you’ll quickly discover that investing in private lessons is well-worth the money. You’ll make great use of your time in each class and learn Microsoft Excel fast.