PSUSD enters first full week of range learning, says technological issues are going away


Palm Springs Unified School District is now in its first complete week of online education for the 2020 scholastic year.

Students like Emily Blackwell, an 8th grader at Raymond Cree Middle School, say the transition has been much smoother than the unexpected switch last spring.

While lots of households have actually dealt with technology issues, Emily’s mom Jennifer states they have actually been fortunate, however have actually needed to make some changes.

“I simply make sure everyone except for my other daughter is off, and the only two people online are them. And that’s what you have to do until at least they leave school and after that everybody can go back on after that,” said Jennifer Blackwell.

For families handling wifi concerns, Palm Springs Unified has actually offered over 4,200 locations, supporting about 18 percent of their trainee body.

The districts director of innovation has actually been busy throughout the recently helping households get connected.

“We’ve got 22,500 students. I ‘d state we’ve fielded about 120 concerns about parents who can’t connect, or parents who have to work and can’t help the kid do the zoom,” stated Will Carr.

Carr also says parent involvement has increased tremendously this academic year, something Jennifer Blackwell is experiencing very first hand.

“No doubt,” said Jennifer, “We do have one moms and dad in the home, I in fact work and he’s here to view or help. I believe we’re fortunate that Emily remains in 8th grade, my other child remains in 6th grade. I think it would be a little more of a struggle if they were in very first grade or 2nd grade.”

While other moms and dads might still need help, PSUSD is offering technology resources Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, and Carr says he’s now gathering data to help instructors get more information about their students.

“So I can see whenever a student logs in, the time they access their material, how much time they spend accessing their material, either one method or 2 method. And so we’re going to start getting data on that to see what pockets of students are doing actually well, and which ones require more support,” stated Carr.

PSUSD is the first to embark on the 2020-2021 academic year.

Coachella Valley Unified School district starts on August 14th, while Desert Sands Unified begins on the 19th.