Red Bluff Union Elementary School District to start school year with distance learning – Red Bluff Daily News


RED BLUFF — The Red Bluff Union Elementary School District is set to begin the 2020-2021 school year with a new start of date of Monday, Aug. 17 and full distance learning.

Superintendent Cliff Curry, in a video released Friday, said teachers would contact families soon about their student’s schedules and collecting Chromebooks. Families will be required to look at the state’s new requirements for distance learning, which include mandates such as students being contacted by teachers every day through online instruction or phone check-ups and recorded attendance.

“This is not the crisis learning after the last shut down,” Curry said.

Curry said it is essential the district has a parent or guardian’s phone number or email so it can communicate any update or information regarding the school year.

The district will check in at the trimester to see if distance learning should continue, Curry said. At that point it would see how many parents are interested in distance learning and see whether those numbers have increased, shrunk or stayed the same.

“None of this is being done lightly,” Curry said. “We have been worried about this decision because we know it is going to put parents and families in some hardship.”

District staff members are trying to be responsive to the vast numbers of parents and families who have requested distance learning, Curry said. Upwards of 400 families have said they are interested in distance learning, while 64 percent of parents and guardians reported a desire not wanting to send their students back with fully loaded classrooms.

Curry said with the number of people who have requested distance learning, the district found it did not have the staffing or funding to provide in-person instruction.

“This is not a decision based on it’s not safe to go back to school with students,” Curry said. “This is a decision strictly based on our labor pool and our ability to pay for an increase in labor force. The state did not fund us for an increase in personnel and staffing, unfortunately.”

The Antelope Elementary School District will hold a special board meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday in the Antelope Elementary School cafeteria to decide the district’s reopening status.

Reeds Creek Elementary School will have its first day of school on Wednesday. All students must have their temperatures checked before their parent or guardian leaves. Students will then go directly to their classrooms.

The school is asking parents and guardians to make sure their students have their face covering with them.

Reeds Creek’s reopening plan can be found at