Refugee to go to Cambridge University to become NHS doctor

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Buraq Ahmed pertained to the UK with his granny as a young child in order to go through urgent medical treatment for a hip condition. After his native Iraq became too risky to go back to, they were given refugee status.

Now he is amongst the teenagers commemorating top A-level results this week after getting four A * grades. The results have actually protected him a location at Cambridge University to study medication to end up being an NHS doctor.

Buraq pertained to the UK with his granny Saadiyah Khattab at age 3 after his parents sold their home to money immediate surgery in the UK.

When the war magnified in Iraq, Buraq was unable to return home to his parents and remained living in Cardiff.

Buraq started school not able to speak English, but rapidly started to excel in his studies.

Currently having undergone another eight operations for congenital hip dysplasia and taking everyday medication, Buraq still waits for a hip replacement on his left hip, which is delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The teenager states the compassion and care of NHS staff offered him ambitions of being a physician.

“Having spent so much time in health centers with a few of my happiest times being looked after by the amazing nurses, I decided I wished to assist other people who were suffering”, Buraq informed SWNS.


After warfare forced them to leave the location where he matured, Buraq was unable to see his moms and dads, Duraid Abdullah and Ruaa Yousif, for ten years. The couple had another three kids and now live in Belgium.

“As I have aged I realise what a worrying time it should have been for my moms and dads and my 3 more youthful brothers”, Buraq informed SWNS.

Buraq’s auntie and uncle likewise moved to Cardiff and consequently welcomed Buraq and his grandma to cope with them as she aged.

As his hip condition got worse in his teens, Buraq invested more time studying and secured a scholarship to Cardiff Sixth Type College.

As choosing to study subjects at A-level which would enable him to study medication, Buraq competed in Oxford and Cambridge regional arguments and ended up being an active member of the student-led Medical Principles Society.

His leading grades were accomplished in economics, maths, biology and chemistry

Gareth Collier, Principal at Cardiff Sixth Form College, informed SWNS of the teenager’s exceptional outcomes: “Regardless of the distressing start to his life, continued separation from his parents and the strong medication that he uses to manage his daily pain, Buraq has actually never ever dwelled on these problems.

“Rather this made him resilient, figured out to succeed and welcome every opportunity that has actually been available at the college.

“The NHS needs people like Buraq and I am genuinely pleased for him.”