Reggie Bush states paying college professional athletes will ‘destroy some individuals’

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7:59 AM ET ESPN Heisman Prize winner Reggie Bush voiced strong issues over the NCAA’s recent assistance of a player endorsement strategy, saying that paying college professional athletes for their names and similarities is “going to destroy some people.”

Bush, whose exceptional profession at USC was marred by his eventual forfeit of the 2005 Heisman Trophy, discussed the subject of paying college athletes during a recent interview with Playboy.The NCAA’s board of guvs announced last month that it supports a proposition to allow college professional athletes to sign endorsement contracts and receive payment for other work, supplied that the schools they go to are not associated with any of the payments. “Guidance is the one thing that young athletes coming through the college system miss on a lot,”Bush told Playboy.” I missed on it. They’re about to start paying college athletes. This is something that has actually never been experienced before, and it’s going to ruin some individuals if their structure is not in the best location.”The NCAA states athletes will be allowed to appear in advertisements and

can reference their sport and school, but they would not have the ability to use school logos or branding in those advertisements.An official proposal for the new rules is arranged to be sent no later than October to the NCAA board, which will vote on the proposal no later than January 2021. Bush, 35, was a two-time All-America running back at USC and assisted the Trojans win back-to-back nationwide titles in 2003 and 2004.

He won the Heisman as a junior in 2005 but chose to forfeit the award in 2010 after the NCAA concluded that Bush and his family had improperly accepted money and gifts from sports agents while he was playing for USC.Bush retired from football in 2017 after an 11-year NFL career. He informed Playboy that athletes, particularly well-paid athletes, are an “open target “and cited the

extensive monetary unpredictability caused by the coronavirus pandemic, stating “our market is crashing.””The one thing I want I had early in my profession appertains monetary knowledge,”Bush stated.”I hired good representatives, and I worked with a great group. I enabled that great group to make choices for me. I

‘m not saying I’m declaring bankruptcy, however if I had the correct understanding back then, some things would be different.” People simply assume,’Well, you got all this cash, so you’re great.’ It’s actually the opposite. The more cash you have, the more threat you remain in, due to the fact that now you’re a freaking open target for a lot of people. It’s a nasty world out there, and it’s about to get nastier. You’re going to truly begin to see the true colors of a great deal of individuals, and a lot of companies too. You’re going to see individuals doing some crazy stuff to make money, due to the fact that our market is crashing.”