Revealed: University lecturer wants to remove cops– “F-ck each and every single police. Every single one.”

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AUBURN, AL– We have heard a lot recently about defunding the cops. We have a far better idea. Defund public colleges and universities.

From Portland to Seattle to Richmond, we have seen what the public education system has borne.

Violent, anarchist revolutionaries. Let us present you to Jesse A. Goldberg, Ph.D. He has not yet started his first term at Auburn University as a lecturer, however he has actually gone far for himself on social networks, including a tweet where he stated:

Fuck every police. Every single one.”

Goldberg, who represents your fundamental cellar-dwelling mommy’s soy-boy, complete with virtue-signaling skull cap is apparently among these Antifa wanna-be ruffians.

Now we’re not saying he’s Antifa, we’re stating that he’s got the normal physical makeup.

He’s the kind of person who would wet his trousers if he really came across somebody who was a hazard to him, but given that he’s a college professor, he believes himself some kind of keyboard warrior. You know the type.

According to Yellowhammer News, Goldberg took to Twitter to virtue signal about Auburn’s mascot. Goldberg, who is going to be a “Lecturer of African American & & American Literature and Structure in the English department, Goldberg had actually tweeted:

“I know it’s just a mascot, however I’m never ever gon na be able to call myself a ‘war eagle’ or say ‘go war eagles.’ Sorry.”

“I can’t bring myself to enthusiastically and regards use a slogan/greeting/cultural signal with ‘war’ as a main descriptor. Yeah I understand I’m being a celebration pooper however it’s the type of language thing that sticks to me,” he stated.

Aw, so Goldberg is a sensitive soy kid. Sweet.

At the time, Yellowhammer News stated that Goldberg’s Twitter bio read:

“Lecturer @ Auburn U ⎸ Black Studies, Vital Prison Research Studies, Queer Theory, American Literature ⎸ Abolitionist ⎸ martial artist ⎸ views are mine ⎸ he/him/his.”

Now make no error about it, when Goldberg talks about abolitionist, he’s not talking about the typical meaning of the word. From the header on his Twitter account (now protected obviously) he defines abolitionist as:

“Not so much the abolition of prisons however the abolition of a society that might have prisons, that could have slavery, that could have the wage, and for that reason not the abolition as the elimination of anything however abolition as the starting of a brand-new society.

The things of abolition then would have a resemblance to communism …”

Goldberg Twitter screenclip Ding, ding, denting … and there you have it. Another advanced searching for the ideal Communist Marxist paradise teaching our young skulls loaded with mush. See Portland.

He also explained himself as a “radical anti-racist white (Jewish) instructor.”

On Wednesday, Goldberg stepped up his video game and participated in on the anti-police sentiment that contaminates our colleges and universities throughout the nation. He tweeted the following:

“Fuck each and every single police officer. Each and every single one. The only ethical choice for any police officer to make at this moment is to refuse to do their job and stop. The authorities do not safeguard people. They protect capital. They are instruments of violence on behalf of capital.”

Goldberg tweeted this in reaction to an incorrect post by the ACLU in which they declared that a protester in New York City was apparently “abducted” by NYPD law enforcement officer.

This of course was a lie and was discussed by the NYPD who said that the protesters was in fact apprehended on warrants by plainclothes officers clearly being helped by uniformed officers. Goldberg called the arrest a “kidnapping.”

Later that post was erased, and after that he set his account to personal. Yellowhammer did acquire a screenshot of the tweet, seen listed below.

Yellowhammer reached out to Auburn on Thursday afternoon who reacted to Goldberg’s tweet:

“We discover Mr. Goldberg’s comments untenable and completely counter to Auburn values. Hate speech of any kind is simply incorrect,” said Brian Keeter, the university’s executive director of Public Affairs.

“Auburn is fully committed to the fundamental right of complimentary speech, but we do not support hateful words or actions that break down, disrespect, or exclude. Especially during these tough times in our nation, it’s essential that we turn down crude stereotypes and work together to promote good understanding and respect within our communities.”

“Auburn officials are considering alternatives readily available to the university,” he said.

Goldberg restricted access to his Twitter account, however his Facebook account was still readily available.

His Facebook cover picture on Thursday had actually a poem entitled, “Against the Police.”

The Facebook page still contained the diatribe against police in a much longer context than the Twitter post.

Goldberg Deleted Facebook Post screenshot Recently, Goldberg posted on

Facebook that he is a supporter of “prison & police abolition.”Goldberg has actually published many times in which he stated that he wishes to abolish the authorities, instead of the more common” defunding”or “reforming” movements presently underway. Goldberg had just recently written that he is preparing to teach 4 classes exclusively online at Auburn University this upcoming fall semester. A group called “Professor Watchlist, “which says it’s mission”is to expose

and record college professors who victimize conservative trainees and advance leftist propaganda in the class,”has actually already determined Goldberg on it’s website. That didn’t take long. It’s great to know there are resources out there to expose these leftists who are spouting their anti-American tripe on our universities and colleges. Rep. Brett Easterbrook (R-AL), a state representative knocked Goldberg for his posts. In a scathing Facebook post, Easterbrook said in part:”You wonder how our society raised a lot of communist that hate our nation? Here is among the primary sources of the issues in

our society. Universities! Not all college professors are total liberals that are educated beyond their understanding, however here is a prime example … “Teacher Goldberg requires to resign today. If not, Auburn University should fire him instantly. Our tax dollars are paying for this absurdity. As an Auburn graduate, I am ashamed that somebody like this is”educating”our kids

.”Rep. Craig Lipscomb (R-AL ), likewise a state representative and Auburn graduate likewise blasted Goldberg in a Facebook post, citing a letter he had actually sent out to Auburn University: “I am writing this letter as a current State Representative for

District 30 and as an Alumni from the School of Architecture class of 2000. … “As I am certain that you know the unbearable comments made by Jesse A. Goldberg, AU professor, I should firmly insist that proactive procedures be required to make sure that he is dismissed without delay which other professors are warned that this kind of habits is inappropriate. It should be undesirable at any

organization of greater learning however more so from Auburn University where his remarks remain in absolute contrast to our Creed and the worths held by those who are a part of our Household. I am not requesting a reprimand. Let me make that clear. I am requiring an immediate termination of his contract with Auburn University.”Our political leaders ought to take a look at defunding these institutions if they can not keep these Marxists under control. Why should our tax money support organizations that foment hate against our country and our extremely way of living? It’s good to see that some

political leaders in the state of Alabama are taking note. Wish to make sure you never miss out on a story from Police Today? With a lot”

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