Steph Curry Just Graduated From College 13 Years After Leaving

What's Happening

A few short months after winning his fourth NBA championship, Steph Curry celebrated an even greater honor by receiving his degree from his alma mater, Davidson College in North Carolina.

He finally got to walk across the stage at the liberal arts college to receive his bachelor’s degree in sociology 13 years after exiting to play in the NBA following his junior year. He returned for his own very special solo graduation ceremony on August 31, not only receiving his degree but also being inducted into the Davidson Hall of Fame and having his #30 jersey from his time playing at the school retired.

“This is an absolutely amazing day and an amazing moment for myself and my family. The best decision I ever made was to come to Davidson College and pursue an education, join an amazing community and, most importantly, play for an amazing man who has built this program for what it is in coach McKillop,” Curry said at the ceremony of the honor and of his former coach Bob McKillop, according to the Associated Press.

He played at the college for three years from 2006 to 2009, helping the small college make it to the NCAA Tournament, including the Elite Eight in 2008. His impact was evident by the crowd of people present to watch the ceremony, and the packed house included his wife Ayesha and their three children. Son Canon carried a sign that read “Curry for 3” (for the three things being celebrated at the ceremony) and Ayesha could be heard cheering for him as he was handed his degree.

“Proud is truly an understatement,” she wrote in an Instagram message for her husband. “The ultimate man of his word right here! I’ve never seen someone set goals and attack them head-on the way he does. He is simply unmatched because he is one of a kind. I love you @stephencurry30 YOU DID IT!”

Both of Steph’s parents, Dell and Sonya, spoke at the ceremony, with his mom saying, “you set an example for others, young and old, that it’s never too late to complete your education.”

According to the , Steph finished the classes he needed to remotely in order to obtain his degree and only required a solo ceremony because he was playing in this year’s NBA playoffs when the college’s commencement ceremonies took place in May.

After 13 years and some ups and downs with trying to complete his courses (including the pandemic), the NBA champ said on Instagram of his latest accomplishment, “Some things are worth the wait!”