Student Sells Book Collection He Collected for Many Years to Buy Gadget for Online School


Many of us have our own hobbies and collections. Some collect various figurines, snow globes, ref magnets, artwork and art pieces, toys, rare items, books, or anything that we fancy.

Anyone who has collected something over the years knows how much a person loves having that collection.

Allen Luzon
Photo credit: Bayan Mo, Ipatrol Mo – Facebook / Allen Luzon

Allen Luzon is a 2nd year BS Psychology student from Baguio City in the Philippines. Using money that he saved from his allowance since high school, Allen was able to slowly grow his book collection over the years.

Just like many book collectors, this bibliophile treasures his book collection and even had a special shelf for his beloved books! It is clear that he has treasured these books over the years and would love to keep them forever.

Allen Luzon Allen
Photo credit: Bayan Mo, Ipatrol Mo – Facebook / Allen Luzon

But when the COVID-19 pandemic struck the country, his parents lost their respective jobs. Knowing his parents couldn’t buy him a tablet or laptop he needed for online school, Allen took it upon himself to find a way to get hold of that gadget.

He loves his books, that is for sure, but he also hopes for a better future for himself. So, this young student decided to sell his collection so he can buy a tablet he needed for school.

Ilang linggo ko rin pong pinag-isipan kung ibebenta ko pa ba yung libro ko…Dahil sa pandemya, wala pong trabaho ang aking magulang…” he told “Bayan Mo, Patrol Mo”.

Allen Luzon Allen Luzon
Photo credit: Bayan Mo, Ipatrol Mo – Facebook / Allen Luzon

Because he loved his book collection, Allen admitted that it hurt him to sell the books, but he simply had no other choice.

Bagama’t labag sa aking loob, wala na akong nagawa kundi pakawalan ang mga kwento sa pahina na naging parte na ng buhay ko,” he added.

From the sales of his beloved books, Allen was able to buy a tablet. He’s now ready for online school!

Baguio City
Photo credit: Bayan Mo, Ipatrol Mo – Facebook / Allen Luzon

While he had to part with his precious book collection, Allen is able to attend his classes using the gadget he bought from that money. In time, he will surely buy new books to restart his collection but his education comes priority right now…