Teen Rewarded With Cars And Truck, College Scholarship After Spending 10 Hours Cleaning Up Home Town After Protests– CBS Pittsburgh


(CNN)– When Antonio Gwynn Jr. saw the damage from protests in his hometown of Buffalo, New York, he got a broom, purchased some trash bags and started cleaning up the streets by himself.

He began at 2 a.m. on Monday and did not stop cleaning for the next 10 hours. When an arranged group of next-door neighbors shown up later that early morning to start clearing the damage, they discovered that Gwynn had already done many of the work.

Gwynn is an 18-year-old high school senior. He told CNN that he saw on the regional news that Bailey Avenue in Buffalo was covered in glass and trash, and he knew people needed to use that street to get to work in the early morning.

When word spread of how Gwynn single-handedly acted, his community responded.

Matt Block saw Gwynn’s story on the news and chose to offer him his treasured 2004 red Mustang convertible. Block, 27, told CNN the automobile is one he desired given that he was a child, however nowadays he is just utilizing it occasionally. He saw Gwynn ask for some automobile purchasing advice on Facebook, and Matt decided to provide his cars.

It ends up that gift has more meaning than Block ever pictured. Gwynn’s mom, who passed away in 2018, also drove a red Mustang. When he realized the coincidence, Gwynn states that he was so stunned he “didn’t have any words,” and Block says it offered him “goosebumps.”

Local business owner Bob Briceland learned of Block’s present, and he chose to extend a year of free car insurance protection through his insurance coverage firm.

“I just felt forced to assist him out. We simply require to get together our whole city and reveal people how there’s so lots of excellent individuals here,” Briceland told CNN affiliate WKBW.

After high school, Gwynn had actually planned to go to trade school while saving approximately go to college. Upon hearing Gwynn’s story, Medaille College in Buffalo offered him a complete scholarship where he prepares to study organisation beginning this fall. Among his numerous profession goals is to open a cleaning company.

This is the very first time Gwynn received this kind of acknowledgment for his kind deeds, however this is not the very first time he stepped up to help others. He is a member of Kappa Phi where he takes pleasure in doing social work, and he assists at churches.

Gwynn is glad for the community reaction, saying, “I appreciate everything everyone is providing for me.”

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