The Fight for Access to Online Classes in India


The Fight for Access to Online Classes in India

India is home to more than one billion people. More than 66% of the population resides in rural villages, and it was only in 2018 that the government made it mandatory for all Indian villages to have electricity. This requirement came at a good time, as the rise of online learning was underway and taking the world by storm. Despite online learning has proven to be a useful method of education,  disruptive government regulations, mismanagement, a lack of EdTech experience and support, have impacted negatively the implementation of online education in India.

Limited Access to the Internet

Control and Online Classes India dense, both in size and population.  Many families live in single-room houses, oftentimes offering limited privacy to family members. For example, it can sometimes be difficult for children to have access to the Internet or a mobile device/laptop as a result of strict parenting practices.  Furthermore, governments are similarly strict about Internet consumption, especially in school settings, further restricting students from utilizing online education platforms.

Pandemic and Online Classes

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted many educators and students to virtual learning platforms. While information and knowledge have become more easily accessible as a result of the Internet, there are still a large number of students and teachers that do not have access. On a global scale, the inequalities faced around the world are still having staggering effects on the education, success and wellbeing of many students. Although the transformation to online education has been relatively smooth for some countries, it has proven a whole new list of hardships for others.  

Moving Forward

There are several steps to take as we move forward to create a world with more accessible education – especially in times of global strife. Less interference by the government in the education sector may create an opportunity for equal education. Providing support and services to children and teachers, along with better access to technology and the Internet will also be ways to enhance education in India. This year has brought on many challenges, but it has especially proven the inequalities countries like India face even when it comes to a basic right like education.

Written by: Ritik Kumar


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