Trump’s College Admission Now Under Examination Due to Allegations About Fraudulent SAT

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Professors at Ivy League Pennsylvania University (“Penn,” an independent school, not to be confused with Pennsylvania State University, which is the flagship public university and also a great academic organization), have actually asked Trump’s alma mater to investigate his admission to the university due to brand-new accusations that Trump fraudulently submitted SAT ratings, To Wit: Paying a wise individual to take the test for him.

According to the Washington Post, Teacher Eric Ortis is one of six Penn professors who asked Penn’s provost to release an examination into how it was that Trump transferred into the school. Part of the request notes that Mary Trump’s book includes an accusation that Trump didn’t take his own SATs.

There are problems establishing who took the test, and the word of a family member attempting to offer a book– while absolutely believable– probably should not suffice by itself to lead the university to take action:

The provost, Wendell E. Pritchett, responded to Orts on July 20 that “we certainly share your concerns about these allegations and the stability of our admissions procedure. However, as you recommend in your message, we have actually determined that this situation took place too far in the past to make a beneficial or probative factual inquiry possible. If new evidence surface areas to validate the claim in the future, we will continue to be open to investigating it.”

Though Mary Trump published the detail in her book, the allegation in fact stemmed with Trump’s aunt, Maryanne Trump-Barry, the judge. Maryanne stated that she had driven Trump around New york city to look at colleges and that Trump started at Fordham, which Trump went to for two years before transferring to Penn, allegedly on the back of the test ratings.

Maybe the most illuminating aspect of the entire ordeal is that typically, a university would willingly distribute a building to be referred to as the alma mater of a president, or at least name a structure after that president. This situation is not like that, obviously. It seems that Penn would simply presume people forget that Trump ever attended the university. Maybe it is due to the fact that whenever Trump opens his mouth one wonders how he ever finished high school. It does not show well upon Penn.

. The guy who supposedly took the test died over 10 years back, so the most apparent “evidence” of scams is unavailable. Still, understanding all we understand about Trump and his determination to use his money to cheat any rule or law that ever stood in his way, the story– while not shown, is entirely credible.


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