University of Pittsburgh Drops “Antiquated” Gendered Homecoming Titles In Favor of More “Inclusive” Ones ⋆ Activist Mommy

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The University of Pittsburgh has revealed that it will formally be retiring “antiquated” gender-based homecoming court titles in favor of gender-neutral titles ahead of the school’s virtual homecoming event in October.

According to school paper The Pitt News, the school’s alumni association has opted to change its homecoming king and queen with “Spirit of Pitt” awards.

By getting binary gender we’re more inclusive,” said Nancy Merritt, vice chancellor for alumni relations. “It is more apparent that we are recognizing them for what they’re doing as a Pitt trainee to develop Pitt pride and construct a community.”

Pitt’s Alumni Association removed the gendered titles of homecoming king and queen for this October’s Homecoming celebrations, instead going with two gender-inclusive “Spirit of Pitt” winners.

— The Pitt News (@ThePittNews) September 25, 2020

“Customs are valuable in alumni relations because they produce a shared experience across generations and they also tend to reflect the values of an organization,” Merritt went on. “However this idea of homecoming king and queen, I think has become antiquated and was eclipsing what we were actually trying to recognize as part of this procedure.”

In a statement to the Daily Caller News Foundation, Merritt explained that the titles were changed “in order to type of improve this program to make it more apparent what the Pitt Alumni Association was acknowledging in this program.”

“The reality that, you understand, those focused on binary gender is coincidental,” she informed the Caller. “We really wanted once again to make sure the program that we were advancing to recognize trainees for the great work that they were doing, was not being overshadowed by anyone’s sort of presumptions of what homecoming King and queen means.”

The University of Pittsburgh is far from the first institution to cave to the anti-biology culture in turning down binary gender when it comes to homecoming customs.

As we’ve reported in the past, high schools in Maine and Tennessee have actually happily either adopted gender-neutral titles like “homecoming royalty” or simply crowned transgender homecoming winners according to their preferred gender.

This is absolutely nothing more than the outworking of our world rejecting its Developer and the order in which He made us. Weep for this stone-hearted development, saints.

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