Virtual Cooking Class Review: Fun Foodie Online Classes with Larks.Live – by Sue Stoneman – Dining Devon


Online Cooking Classes

If you’ve been missing visiting the local Food & Drink Festivals during #lockdown and not being able to see some of your favourite chefs cook up a storm in the demo kitchens, and are missing visiting your favourite cookery school, how would you like to be able to cook along with them in the comfort of your own kitchen?

Well, now you can!

This is all made possible by Larks.Live who have set up lots of fun foodie online classes which are held over a zoom meeting where you are joined by a few other keen foodies under guidance by the host chef, where over the course of approx 90 minutes, you can rustle up a tasty dish or two which you can then enjoy in the comfort of your own home. If you fancy learning a new skill like making pasta or bread, or trying out a new dish to cook for your family or friends when you can have them over for dinner, then there will be something on the menu which might take your fancy. Classes range from many different Worldwide Cuisines, Wine Tastings and Challenges, Tapas and Tails events, Vegetarian dishes and mouth watering desserts.

Soft launched in June, some of the classes which have taken place so far are:

Thanks to the invitation from Larks.Live, I got to put on my apron and join in two of the interactive cookalong sessions.

To take part in a class, the process is quite straightforward. Log onto the Larks.Live website and select the class you wish to join in. Once successfully enrolled and a small fee paid, you are sent an email which confirms the date, time and class you will be taking part in, along with a list of ingredients and equipment which you will need to cook the dishes successfully. I had time to add some items onto my next supermarket delivery which was great. The day prior to the class, you are sent an email which gives you the login details for the ZOOM meeting, which all worked well.

Larks.Live Cookery Course No. 1

Indian Cookery with Nila Ross-Patel

The first one was the Indian Cookery with Nila; on the menu was chicken korma and a dish of long green beans with yellow/black mustard seeds. Two delicious dishes which I knew I would enjoy making.

Prior to the class beginning, I got all my ingredients out and prepared some if it as stated on the instructions, and placed them all on a tray. I also set up my laptop in a suitable spot near my cooker and got out the pots and pans needed for the cook.

Nila was the perfect tutor; she expertly guided us through the cook, explaining about the different herbs and spices, when to use them and added in hints and tips on authentic Indian cookery which was really interesting. There was also some great banter among the other attendees on the session which added to the fun of the cookalong.Before I knew it, I had two wonderful plates of really tasty food, which I saved for my dinner the following day and enjoyed with some homemade naan bread and rice. My son, who is at home with me at the moment, thought it tasted wonderful!

Larks.Live Cookery Course No. 2

Tapas and ‘Tails with Tim Maddams

The Tapas and Tails class with Tim was even more fun and was a great way to spend a Friday evening, making delicious green olive tapenade & cheese toasties, along with a refreshing alcoholic cocktail.  You could dress up, and even get other family members in your household to join in and help with the preparation, cooking and of course the eating!  Tim, in his own kitchen, took us through each step, interacting with us all along the way, having a sip (or two) of your drink while you cooked!  Some more than others and this was really quite funny.  I loved the banter among the other attendees and there was a great buzz.

I now have a tasty new tapas recipe I can make when I can invite people round, and a really refreshing cocktail which I know is going to be a favourite of mine, especially during the summer.

I think what Larks.Live have created is a new way of cooking at home, especially during lockdown, and an excellent way of learning how to cook a new dish for when you can start entertaining again – learning a new skill, and trying different types of cuisine.

New sessions are being added all the time as well as new chefs and teachers, and are easily searchable based on what you like or what day you can attend – I am thinking it will be a great way to cook with other members of your family who live far away or even round the corner or with your foodie friend. Vouchers are also available so a great idea for a gift for upcoming birthdays and celebrations. Classes range from £10 – £20 per screen.

*Dining Devon was invited to attend the cookalongs with Larks.Live as a guest but all ingredients were purchased at our cost. Views expressed are independent of the business and are not seen or approved before publication.