Vou Offers Scholarships


A group of dancers from Fiji have created history by performing alongside the world’s biggest names such as Bil­lie Eilish, Ziggy Marley and Diana Ross.

The VOU Dance Company in Nadi has big dreams of performing on international stages around the world.

It has been two years since the company put its overseas travel on hold but is now back on tour.

Rehearsal director Stuart Tuidela said the opportunity to perform on the big stage was a milestone achievement for Fiji.

He is now on tour in the United Kingdom.

“I am excited to share our Fijian stories with an international au­dience, and I am really looking forward to watching some of the world’s most famous artists,” he said.

“I want to watch and learn how they do their stagecraft, such as their props, and how they use the space and interact with the audi­ence. I am going in with an open mind and want to learn as much as I can and bring it back to Fiji and incorporate it into my work as a rehearsal director.”

International exposure

After performing in Glastonbury, the dance company had been in­vited to the city of Graz in Austria to perform culturally inspired per­formances by the arts-loving com­munity at Aus Dem Haus.

VOU director, Edward Soro, said the opportunity would encour­age young people to stay rooted in their culture and traditions.

“It really is an honour to be in­vited all the way to Austria to per­form dances and songs of Fiji, we hope these kinds of opportunities inspire more Fijian youth to take pride in their culture and endeav­our to preserve Fijian dance and chants,” he said.

“The arts in Fiji is becoming a more viable and interesting option for youth wanting a fulfilling ca­reer path.”

VOU employs more than 40 danc­ers, some of whom work full-time as performance professionals.


VOU runs a scholarship pro­gramme where talented young Fiji­ans are granted scholarships to un­dertake their diploma programme in dance at the Conservatorium of Dance which is accredited by the Fiji Higher Education Commis­sion.

Upon graduation, dancers are guaranteed full-time employment with the VOU dance company and have the opportunity to tour the world as professional performing artists.

For those who are interested in this career, VOU is doing an intake workshop at the VOU studio at 32 Naicker Street, Nakurakura in Nadi on Saturday, June 25 at 2pm.

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